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Abba Pure Basic Conditioner

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Abba Pure Basic Conditioner is nice, but nothing special.


I was excited to try my sample of Abba Pure Basic Conditioner because of all the claims on the packet and because I'd never heard of the brand before. I got a single use out of the packet, but I can say that I do like most things about it. **Abba Pure Basic Conditioner** is a daily conditioner for all hair types. The label indicates the following: - Maintains body, adds shine and smoothes - 100% Vegan - Sulfate-free - Free of synthetic dyes - Made in the USA **Abba Pure Basic Conditioner** is made with some great ingredients like: aloe leaf juice, panthenol, witch hazel extract and many more, but this conditioner unfortunately contains several types of parabens too. I definitely enjoyed the smell of this product. It has a rosemary/peppermint scent that is heavier on the peppermint and that's why I like it. A little rosemary goes a long, long way with me, but I don't mind a tiny bit. The ratio in this conditioner is perfect. I also like how it made combing out my wet hair easy. It helped with tangles and knots and left my hair feeling conditioned, soft and smooth when it was dry. While I did enjoy using my sample of **Abba Pure Basic Conditioner**, it wasn't anything special or anything that I couldn't get with other conditioners. I enjoyed the scent and how it left my hair feeling, so I would definitely recommend it to others if you're looking for something new.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Abba Pure Basic Conditioner

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