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Ab Scissors
Ab Scissors

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Noticeable Abs in 1 week or less!


I was highly skeptical of any exercise machine which advertises that you only have to exercise 4 minutes on it per day.  I have spent years running, jogging, swimming, etcetera.  I know the effort you need to see results.  I sat and watch (and laughed) as my fiance purchased this piece of equipment and commenced to use it.  Then, after personally witnessing his own results in less than one week, I admittedly had to concede that it worked.  After only using it once, I could FEEL the results.  After using it twice, I felt that was not going to make it through the entire four minutes, and I have great stamina.  However, there are different difficulty levels for people.  Of the four minutes, you are resting for certain intervals.  It targets your abs, and the results are noticeable.  No doubt, you develop a six pack, without sweating, dieting or long, lengthy workouts.  The machine has a timer.  You just count and pull down on the overhead arm devices.  Then you rest, change positions and do it again.  It's simple.  It's affordable.  It takes only four minutes, and you are off to perform your other tasks or hobbies.  I am not an easy person to persuade and would have never purchased this product.  But, after witnessing the results on three people, I tried it myself, and it worked.  You will not be disappointed it, if you want abs - male or female. 

New Harmony, IN


Ab Scissors

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