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AXE Kilo Body Wash

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Surprisingly Good - Axe Kilo Body Wash


Okay guys. The ads for Axe Body wash are pretty lame, and the bottle shapes/colors are pretty lame too. But, if you look past all that? It's actually a decent product. It's got a really good lather. It's got a great clean scent - although I have not tried all the scents out there, so some may be lame. It doesn't really overwhelm you like I was worried it would from t commercials. And, I guess the main thing is, the wife is very happy with it. She likes the light scent that it leaves on my skin. And, she really likes the way the shower smells after I've used it. I even think SHE has used my body wash for herself, but she won't admit to it. So, just ignore the cheesey commercials, and the colorful bottles with lame names, and just try it. You may need to get your wife to pick up the bottle for you though, because I was a little embarrased to - I'm certainly not a teenager that they are marketing it towards!

Saint Simons Island, GA


Like fresh air!


I love Axe Body Wash. It takes care of everything. I even wash my hair with it sometimes. My wife loves the way that I smell. She says that I smell fresh and clean, not overly scented. Its a man's smell and I like the ways that it really cleans. I feel very good about this product. By the way, my wife is the one who got me started on this stuff. She said that "guys should pamper thenselves too". She was right. It makes me feel sassy!

Brandon, VT


AXE Kilo Body Wash

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