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AXE Fever Deodorant Body Spray

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I just coudn't stand the smell!!!


My husband loves axe deodorants body sprays and uses differents scents. We went shopping and he found this new scent at the store and decided to give it try.  When I came in the room while he was dressing and asked what the terrible smell was and it ended up being the Axe body spray.  Don't get me wrong, I love some scents Axe has but this one was super strong. I just couldn't stand it.  I thought it would only be me, but when my husband finished dressing my oldest daughter came in the room and she commented the same thing.  She asked what the horrible smell was.  Right there and then my husband decided just to take another shower and use another body spray. The scent stayed in the room for a couple hours.  I ended up with a headache. We decided to give the deodorant to my brother, who is another axe body spray addict.   He later on called me to let me know that he didn't like the scent as well.  The body spray ended up in the trash.

Edinburg, TX


AXE Fever Deodorant Body Spray

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