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AXE Antiperspirant/Deodorant Stick - Kilo

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Good - For Tween Boys


I don't know if it's all twelve to thirteen year old boys who are obsessed with Axe products, or if it's just my son and the boys he goes to school with, but let me tell you these kids really are obsessed. In order to be "cool" in the locker room after gym class my son absolutely had to have Axe Deodorant and Axe body spray. Since I love my kid and I don't want him to feel left out of the cool loop over something as inexpensive as deodorant, I obliged his request. I ended up purchasing quite a few Axe products for him since he's getting to the age where he really needs to wear deodorant and he kept losing the sticks. I was happy with how well it worked. He wasn't stinky at all after using it. And the scent of the Axe Kilo deodorant stick is actually pretty decent. I can't say that I would buy this for a full grown man, but for my little teenager it works really well. I'm sure I'll be purchasing plenty more in the future!

Southfield, MI


Good-smelling deodorant and it lasts long


I really like this deodorant. It smells good and a lot of people have complimented me for it. It doesn't dry out easily. It will last for a while. You won't need to buy a new deodorant for at least 9 months if you use this everyday. It is recommended that you buy this deodorant for your next one.



Kept me dry, but got tired of the scent.


The **Axe Kilo Invisible Antiperspirant and Deodorant** scent became too much for me after a few weeks of use.  I bought it to go along with the **Axe Kilo Body Spray**. I used the two daily for three and a half weeks, but had I realized that the **Axe **brand designs its scents to be strong and unusual, I would have passed.  I'm more of an **Old Spice *Swagger**** *or **Sure* Original Scent* **kind of guy. I'm a bit old-fashioned, and some say I have an old soul, but I'll leave the **Axe **scents to the young whipper-snappers.As an anti-perspirant, **Axe Kilo** held up very well. I tend to sweat a lot, but with the **Kilo**, I stayed relatively dry throughout the day. Even gym time didn't completely wipe the **Kilo deodorant/anti-perspirant** away.  I prefer stick deodorants to aerosol, because I have more control over where it actually goes.  **Axe **is one of the brands that offer's "invisible" anti-perspirant protection.If you're into standing out and having your deodorant make a statement for you, the **Axe** **Kilo Invisible Anti-perspirant** will fit you nicely.  If you wear anti-perspirants simply to keep you dry, there are cheaper (forgot to mention, **Axe **brands are *expensive*), more subtle brands available.  

Dayton, OH


Axe Deodorant - Works alright for me.


This is the Axe Antiperspirant/Deodorant Invisible Solid Stick - Kilo and it works just great for me. I honestly only apply deodorant in the hot summer months because I am not really much of a sweater. This products does it job by giving me a nice fresh scent and I guess it works well as an antiperspirant because it keeps me dry and has prevented visible sweat from appearing on my shirt. The scent is only very strong at first so I try not to rub on an excessive amount, but the smell still will last you the whole day. These are a good value and I would recommend just going to your local store and smelling the different scents to decide which smell you prefer. Everybody's body is different though so i would just suggest trying different brands and scents to try and figure out what works best for you. Figure out what smells best to you and to the others around you that. Also whether you need an antiperspirant or just a deodorant.

Cleveland, OH


AXE Works all day, but is too strong


After searching for a deodorant that lasts all day and is an excellent anti-perspirant I have finally come across one that actually works.  Just applying it once a day will most likely get you through the day.   When I put it on I make sure to use very little.  The reason for this is because it is very strong scented.  I mean, when you put it on someone 30 feet away from you can smell it.  This may be what some people like and want, but for me it is too much.  I am just looking for something that hides the awful body odor that a male like myself might produce on any given day, not something that is too noticeable and that you can smell all day.  It's not that the scent it gives off is bad, it is just that it is too strong for my liking.  I still use this deodorant when I am going to be engaged in some physical activity, but If i am just going to a minor social gathering then I try to use something that is a little less noticeable.  I would recommend this to a friend, but not for everyday use.

West Bloomfield, MI


Smells great and REALLY works! ALL day long!!


This is a MUST for any man! My husband has tride the new right guard that's supposed to work good, he's tried degree, old spice, etc.. and isn't happy with any of those. When he uses Axe 24 hour it works! I could sniff his underarms at the end of the day (ew lol), and they'd *still smell good*!! Yes even after hours of working outside in the summer! Stinky underarms is something he does NOT EVER have a problem with as long as he uses this deodorant! It just WORKS and it lasts! Another great benefit to Axe is the incredible smell. It's strong enough to cover anything stinky, but not overwhelming. Plus, Axe works good enough, it could be without any scent and you still wouldn't smell sweat. Honestly I have posted on Facebook about how much I love the scents and how well this product works. I don't think we could ever switch to anything else after experiencing how well this works! Please please give this product a try! You will be very pleased! This is the #1 deodorant I would recommend to anybody! It WORKS!

Hanover, PA




My boyfriend uses this stuff but not for much longer. Axe truly needs their cheesy yet entertaining made for men commercials is all their products are like this one!! It does smell good but that's about it!! Its total junk! It has successfully dyed all of his white shirts yellow in the under arm area. It really gives me the creeps because if it does that to his shirts what is it doing to him? Its horribly messy and a bit scary!! I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I just understand why it does that its weird and just not right. Maybe they should stick to fragrances instead. I hope we never find out how well the body wash does or doesn't do because the deodorant is unsettling enough!! Try it yourself if you want to but be prepared to gain the need to buy new white shirts and who knows what else. I am surprised that it is still on the shelves maybe people are use to their deodorant doing that or something.

Erie, CO


AXE Antiperspirant/Deodorant Stick - Kilo

3.4 7