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Aveda Smoothing Body Polish, 250ml/8.5oz

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Stands up to the Aveda Name


Girls, are you ready to shed that winter dry skin? You need to try Aveda Smoothing Body Polish. It smells great, and it really gets you moving! The Body Polish comes in a tube, so it's easy to squirt out, you're not trying to scoop it out of a jar. The scent is like lavendar. It's very lovely. The polish comes out with a small lather, so it works as a body wash as well. You don't need both. I love to use this on my feet and legs right before I shave. It keeps my skin feeling nice and soft all the time. Unfortunately, it's a little costly, so I don't use it year round. I just use it when it's starting to turn to spring to get rid of my winter dry skin, and get ready for the sun and pretty skirts. It doesn't take a lot of lather up on your legs, so you can really make the tube last. Just be careful if using in the shower because it can make it a little slippery! Hope you enjoy it as mich as I have!

Cayce, SC


Avedea Smoothing Body Polish


If you are looking for a gently/light exfoliant Aveda body Polish is right for you.  I used to work for an aveda salon when I was younger and we used this product to exfoliate our clients.  You can either use the bath salts or the body polish.  I like the body polish because it has a creamy texture and gives me an even not to abrasive exfoliation.  I believe it is made from crushed nuts so be sure to check on that and make sure you don't use if you have a nut allergy.  I like to premix this with warm water and put in a small bottle and apply that way.  I use just the amount I need per application so it can be warm everytime.  I've had a bottle of this that I use every so often and it's lasted me for three years now.  A little goes a long way.  I wouldn't recommend using this product right after you shave, like most exfoliants it can irritate your skin if you do this.  Aveda is also a company that strives to safe the environment so everything is recycleable!

Broomfield, CO


A skin-refining exfoliant with Flower extracts


I have so many different exfoliants that I buy and try, to see their individual benefits. **Aveda** **Smoothing Body Polish** is always a favorite when I want some smooth, finely exfoliated skin.  Whether used during the shower or the bath, its gentle crystals buff away rough dry areas and  leave skin soft-smelling and "oh, so smooth". In addition, **Aveda's Smoothing Body Polish** has its own proprietary pure flower fragrance that imparts a unique, aroma to this product as you use it. I bought this 8.5 oz. of **Aveda Smoothing Body Polish** a while ago. Since you need so little to be effective, it has lasted quite a long time. You just squeeze a little onto your wet skin and buff gently. After rinsing it off, your skin will feel very silky and smooth. I use it all over my body, except for my face. The body polish squeezes out of the plastic tube like toothpaste.  As you rub the exfoliating granules into your skin, you'll become aware of the unique aroma of this exfoliator. It smells a little plant-like, yet fresh and pure. The primary exfoliant used in Aveda Smoothing Body Polish is Walnut Shell Powder. These ground  walnut shells provide a grainy, creamy, moisturizing effect when in contact with wet skin. As you rub them in gently, and rinse, you'll just love the feel of your skin afterwards. In addition, you have the benefits of a variety of plant  extracts to add to the conditioning effects of this exfoliator. **Key Ingredients:  Aveda Smoothing Body Polish** contains many **Purified Plant Extracts**:  Lavender Extract, Soapwort Extract, Butcherbroom Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract, Bladderwrack Extract, and Kelp which all contribute to the skin refinement benefits of this product. In addition, Aveda features its "**Pure Flower and** **Plant Pure-Fume**" as a natural fragrance developed exclusively by Aveda, which gives this Body Polish its own special aroma. The **Aveda Smoothing Body Polish** is natural-colored and you can feel the texture of the walnut shells immediately, when you apply this exfoliator to your skin. They are not harsh, but finely-milled.  The  gentle abrasive quality is there along with an emollience. What I enjoy most of all is the end result of using this body polish. Your skin will really feel smooth and refreshed. It actually looks better after I use this Aveda Smoothing Body Polish because it really does a great job of sloughing off the dulling, dead-skin layers on my skin.  So, skin does look luminous because all of the debris has been thoroughly removed. And, you will be left with the slight, flower/plant essence of Aveda's unique proprietary fragrance. **My Opinion**: Aveda is a company which combines the Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences. **Aveda Smoothing Body Polish** utilizes the benefits of plant extracts and flower essences in a  product that is not only good for your skin, but, in harmony with the world's natural resources. I like their philosopy.

Jupiter, FL


Aveda Smoothing Body Polish, 250ml/8.5oz

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