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Aveda Refreshing Bath Bar, 150g/5.2oz

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Great ingredients, soothing to the skin


When my husband and I stayed at an upscale hotel, we were given Aveda products in our bathroom every day.  The hotel advertises on TV that they treat their guests with Aveda, so they are quite proud of this, and I must say that after trying them I agree.  They are products than indulge the senses! The Aveda Refreshing Bath Bar is a gold colored, oval shaped bar of soap with the name AVEDA imprinted right in the middle of the bar.  Aveda claims that this soap is made with organically grown plants and flowers, and it contains ingredients like petitgrain, grapefruit and orange.  I tend to be a shopper who is drawn toward more naturally based personal care products, and I love that this bath bar contains no artificial colors or animal fats.  Instead, it is made with palm kernel oil and other natural ingredients.  After being blown away by Aveda's Rosemary Mint shampoo (which smells divine), I honestly have to say that I am a little disappointed by the scent of their Refreshing Bath Bar.  I expected the same exhilarating aroma that greeted me with the shampoo, but it was not to be.  The bar is smooth and lathers well, and the added glycerin really makes my skin soft and moisturized, but there is not much of a scent to the soap.  At least not the small bars that we received at our hotel.   Because this bath bar contains glycerin, it is best to keep it on a wooden soap dish, or elevated away from a source of water.  Leaving this in my bathtub soap dish will only result in it melting away before my eyes.  This is the only down side to using a glycerin soap.    This bath bar is gentle for my sensitive skin, lathers okay (not as great as some soaps), is mostly natural, and contains soothing and moisturizing ingredients.  Even though I wish the scent were stronger, I recommend this product. Effectiveness Good for dry and sensitive skin. Makes adequate lather and cleans well. Scent Not my favorite of the Aveda scents.

Eagle River, AK


Aveda Refreshing Bath Bar, 150g/5.2oz

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