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Aveda Green Science Perfecting Cleanser

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Wonderful product that I don't feel bad about using!!


I absolutely LOVE the Aveda Green Science Perfecting Cleanser! I was sold on Aveda's hair products and then decided to start using their make-up and body products too. I'm so glad that I did. This stuff actually makes your face feel clean, unlike a lot of the other facial cleansers I've used in the fast. It removes all the oil, dirt and makeup and leaves my face feeling clean and not dried out and it smells so good! I wouldn't go back to using any other cleanser for my face. It's a bit pricier then other facial cleansers, but I found that I didn't need to use as much, therefore it last longer and it's so worth the price! Of course the fact that it doesn't have the harsh chemicals and is mostly made of plant based materials and organic oils completely sold me!!



Minimize facial lines with Aveda's Green Science line!


Aveda is an eco-friendly company that has many wonderful products for all skin and hair types. They have a fabulous Green Science line for aging skin, which I sometimes use; though I am not consistent about its use and I know I would receive better benefits if I were. The Green Science Perfecting Cleanser is gentle and contains organic argan oil extracted from the kernels of the argan tree which is treasured for its medicinal advantages by the Moroccan people (the tree is currently endangered and protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and is one of the rarest oils in the world). This cleanser can be used both in the morning and evening. I spread it over my throat and face and then add water and massage into my skin. It does not lather, so it is great for dry skin (which I have) that is stripped of its oils by lathering cleansers. After rinsing with cool water I apply the Green Science Replenishing Toner, Green Science Line Minimizer, Green Science Firming Eye Crème, Green Science Lifting Serum, and the Green Science Firming Face Crème.

Woodstock, GA


Aveda Green Science Perfecting Cleanser

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