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AT&T - Universal Platinum Visa Card

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Platinum Card - use wisely.


As someone who is or was in debt, making use of credit cards is a very tricky thing. The companies make it easy to get into debt, but are unwilling to help you until you are 120 days behind. Don't make it so easy for people to get a large credit debt, help them early.

Dodgeville, WI


You earn Thank you points and they have good rewards


AT&T Universal Card came out a long time ago as the AT&T credit card.  It is a Citibank card.  The APR is standard at 14.9% (high) and sometimes in the 12%.  The best part of the card is that you earn Thank you points.  I didn't realize I was earning thank you points and one day called to find out that I was and they sent me to their website, thank you.com and I was able to use my same login for my AT&T Universal Card at the Thank you points site.  I had a balance that was already worth some nice rewards.  I like that you can redeem for travel certificates and actually for nights at different hotels that you can book right on the website.  The amount of points needed for a hotel stay compared to what the actual cost is for that room per night is actual a good value.  I had compared a room that was $329 a night to purchase at it was the equivalent of 31,100 points.  If you assume each point is worth $1, than I did better redeeming the night for points.  

Beverly Hills, CA


AT&T - Universal Platinum Visa Card

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