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AT&T - Universal Rewards MasterCard

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Most flexible interest rates.


I've had this card for many, many years because it has the BEST interest rates of all my cards. They're the most flexible, too. If you keep your credit rating high and pay on time or before, they are very open to negotiating with you. I've negotiated my interest rate down TWO times in the past three years simply by pointing out my payment history, my high credit rating, and then simply ASKING the right person. Don't just ask any phone representative. Make sure you're talking with someone who has the authority to reduce your rate. Customer Service I'm extremely pleased. It never takes me more than two minutes to get through to a real person. They always check my identity in several ways (for my protection) and then they're very helpful or put me in touch with someone who can help me in the way I want. Loyalty has it privileges. Available Rates I was also able to negotiate terms on a balance transfer. They offered me zero percent financing for 15 months or a low 2.9% for 24 months. Their transfer fee was competitive, and the good terms made it very inviting.



We have the lowest APR I have ever heard of!


My husband got the AT&T Universal Card when he was in college and they gave him a 7.99% APR. They've held firm at that rate and we just love the card with the reward points it offers. Normally speaking, we don't like to carry a balance, but there were some months when we didn't have jobs - I couldn't imagine what we would have to be paying now for that with the normal range of 11%-17%. We have never had any customer service issues and have found it 'easy' to carry this card. With other companies, I would have to be calling every year or so to beg down the rates - not with this one at all!  

Mankato, MN




I just recently convered my AT&T Universal Rewards card to a different Citi card cause if you don't know your intrest rate goes by LIBRA not PRIME. And in January your interest rate is going to jump to 23.99%APR good luck you might want to convert yours too.

Saginaw, MI


AT&T - Universal Rewards MasterCard

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