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AT&T - Go Phone

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Purchased a GoPhone from AT&T in May 2009.  Added bonus plans for data and cheaper overseas calling.  Data service did not work for five months, despite repeated assurances that everything was operational "at their end".  Finally got on to a "Supervisor" who apologized for the lack of service but said he could not give a refund for the data charges even though the data plan never worked!  Overpriced for what it is, spotty coverage and lackluster customer service.  Trying to use the automated customer service is both a joke and terribly infuriating.  Will be switching carriers ASAP.  If you need a phone that just makes calls every once in a while, get a phone with another provider that uses those prepaid cards from Target.  If you need a phone that does more than this,  AVOID AT&T entirely. 

Chicago, IL


AT&T - Go Phone

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