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AT&T Go Phone

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My review of the Samsung Go Phone.


This phone is good because you only have to buy it ans put your SIM card into it. It does the job and you can choose to use the internet or not. Unlimited call and text Performance This phone does the job of calling and texting. All u really need in a phone Durability I have had my phone for around two years. I have dropped it so many times that I can't keep up.




Couldn't make one phone call


I purchased an AT&T GoPhone - Samsung a107 flip phone from the drugstore. It was easy to set up after following instructions and easy to add money to. However, when it came time to use it and actually talk to and hear people on the phone, it was near impossible! One the three occasions I tried to call people, dialing is no issue, pick-up is no issue, but hearing anything that sounds clear is possible. I seriously couldn't make out at least 50% of what the other person was saying, and the person I was talking to felt the same. I don't know if it's because of the AT&T tower was out of range, but I walked all around the neighborhood while trying to use the phone and it never worked. Really not that surprising since my other AT&T has had issues since I received it. For a portable pre-paid phone, pass and get a BoostMobile phone while piggy backs off the Sprint network.


San Jose, CA


AT&T Go Phone

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