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ASUS inch LCD Monitor

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In the ASUS VW266H, the V stands for Versatility.


I purchased the ASUS VW266H about one year ago to become my bedroom HTPC monitor.  It had one dead pixel out of the box and this was remedied by one of the many methods online.  The drivers were recognized right out of the box.  The picture on this monitor is a 1000X better the two 19 inch flat screens that I had.  The ports on the back of this monitor are great for a monitor.  I've used all the ports with various video game systems and ofther video devices.  The Xbox 360 picture is extremely nice, as well as movie playback.  The resolution goes up to 1900 x 1200 which is great for wide screen video with subtitles but it's as useful for much else.  Blu-rays also look sweet on this thing. The speakers on this monitor are pretty useless but I've had surround sound hooked up with this system so I haven't noticed much, but if you by this expecting anything but minimal sound you may be asking too much.  Other then that though I would recommend this monitor to anyone looking for a great upgrade on the video end of their computing or gaming.

Raleigh, NC


great monitor, actually 25.5 inches


i suppose 25.5 inches is close enough to call it 26. this monitor is great; has the resolution of most 24 inch LCD, computer monitors. what i love about this particular monitor is that it has a high resolution that is not modeled after HDTVs (not the same aspect ratio) BUT it has 1:1 pixel mapping so you dont have to upscale/downscale/stretch the image. that is very important to me because i dont like to have certain things enlarged or stretched out. this is especially important for gaming because scaling the image can add on to undesired input lag, which means what i see on the screen is slightly delayed; so maybe you miss a headshot, or you dont react to something quickly enough, costing you a round or the match--terrible. another great thiing about this lcd is it has more input options than the smaller Asus models. this one has component input as well as HDMI, which is very important for folks who dont use HDMI for all their applications. the main reason i got this monitor was actually the fact that it had 1:1 pixel mapping AND component inputs, because i dont want any lag, and i have a video recording device that only has component output for HD content. great monitor, but i took off a point because the buttons for this monitor (power in particular), like its predecessors, is not as responsive as i would like sometimes. speakers are not very strong either, but who uses built in monitor speakers nowadays anyway? not many. theyre good enough for quite environments though.

Santa Barbara, CA


Huge monitor!


After a few months of using this monitor, I'm still taken with the beautiful display. Yes, you do have to adjust the factory settings or it'll be way too bright and a little too much color. It will make people look like cartoons, if you don't adjust. I still find it difficult to adjust anything easily and yes the speakers are not the greatest, but who uses "monitor" speakers anymore, I certainly don't. It arrived undamaged and no dead pixels. Great "free" shipping! Very pleased with the overall quality and usefulness considering it's price is about 1/2 of other monitors it size. I do like the HDMI option, but haven't used it yet. I'm only using it as a computer monitor presently and could not be happier at this time. I upgraded from a 22" monitor that went south to this and just can not believe the difference! Takes no more desk space but puts out twice the screen size. I gave it only a 4 out of 5 rating because of the difficulty in its controls. But once you set it up, you won't need to mess with it anymore. I highly recommend it for those on a budget who need a bigger picture. Now I don't have my glasses on to see the type on the screen. Ain't modern technology great? Seriously, it's 1/2 the price of my 22" monitor I purchased just 3 years ago. Don't know about the rebate yet, still processing. But at least Asus lets you know via email that they received your forms and the rebate is in the works. 

Denver, CO


ASUS inch LCD Monitor

4.3 3