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ASUS K53SV (K53SVB1) PC Notebook

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Good but frustrating


I have really liked my ASUS K53SV (K53SVB1) PC Notebook. For the most part, it has been one of the best laptops that I have had. There are a few things, however, that have been very frustrating to me and I wish that they could be fixed. First, the laptop will randomly turn itself off. It does not give any warning, and how much battery charge it has is irrelevant. Usually this only happens once every couple of weeks, but I have had it happen as often as four times in one day. There is no consistency or explanation. It just goes black and shuts off. At times, it will give a blue screen with an error message, but that error message does not apply to what is going on at the time with laptop (it says that it is overheated, but sometimes it happens when I have just barely turned the laptop on). Second, the charger cable stopped working and I had to purchase another one. It didn't stop working entirely, but had to be positioned exactly and would flicker on and off at the slightest touch. Other than these two problems, it has been a great laptop.



ASUS K53SV (K53SVB1) PC Notebook

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