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ASUS B53F-C1B PC Notebook

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Very Fast and Easy to use


It's incredibly fast and easy to use. The laptop itself is easy to carry around. The design is remarkable. The laptops and mouse are also easy to use as well. Navigating around the laptop or on it, is much easier even compared to similar laptops. I like how the laptop is designed so sleek but well constructed. Ease of Use I can easily type and move the mouse around. I can also easily navigate to different folders, the internet, and throughout the computer. Even though I was new to the type of laptop as well as the operating system, it didn't take much effort. Battery Life The battery life is really outstanding. I'm impressed with how long it lasts. The battery lasts the longest I've ever seen on a laptop. Speed/Performance It's really a fast laptop and the performance is remarkable. The speed is so fast that I couldn't believe it. Seconds after you open a file, it's up on your laptop. Design The design is sleek but looks new at the same time.



Good, reliable laptop


I bought this laptop to use for school (college) for homework and such, but I also use it to surf the web and watch shows and movies. I do not use it for video games, however. The speed is good and it supports programs well. I do not have any issues with memory. Basically the issues I do have are my fault from malware and such. I am very pleased with it. I have given it a rough life so far, and it has stood up to the challenge (including dropping it multiple times). The design looks sleek and cool as well. I like the key weights and keyboard--it even includes a number pad. The screen is good and I like how the Windows set-up is. I definitely think ASUS is a brand of computers that is overlooked and forgotten about. I think this laptop will last me at least another few years. I would highly recommend this laptop for anyone needing one for casual use: it is reliable, sturdy, and good for almost any basic need.



ASUS B53F-C1B PC Notebook

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