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ASUS 19-Inch LCD Monitor

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This was an expensive mistake.


*The Good* This monitor has a beautiful picture while the wide screen allows the entire page to be displayed. I've used it with both the DVI and VGA cables (included) and the picture was superb. It is basically plug and play, connect the cables and you are ready. Although the monitor doesn't swivel, it does adjust up or down. *The Bad* The buttons are very difficult to see and use. With the exception of the ON button, which is orange, the buttons are black on black. Even worse is that they are located at the bottom right and have to be pressed with the thumb, I can only imagine how much harder it would be for someone who was left handed. I cannot say about the OSD because I have never used it, the manual is three pages long, does not address the menu, and I am not able to figure how it works. Since I am not a techie let me add that in reviews I have read people who have technical abilities have complained of the difficulties. *The Ugly* The main problem with this monitor was the lack of tech support. I had a slight problem and wrote asking first what I needed to do and how do I use the menu? The first question was answered incorrectly, the other ignored. I would not advise anyone who did not have a high technical expertise to buy this monitor and I would advise those who do to think twice, three times, then buy something else. As for me, once I can afford a new monitor, this one goes in the closet as an emergency back-up.    

Houston, TX


ASUS 19-Inch LCD Monitor

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