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AOC inch Monitor

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Do not buy AOC.


I usually don't review items I don't get points for, but I have never been so displeased in my entire life. The AOC brand in general is TERRIBLE! Their customer service is pathetic, nothing works like it should, and when you try to install the software for AOC you get a 'no-signal' sign. I wouldn't recommend one of these monitors to my worst enemy, these are terrible. I only got to see it lit up for about 5 seconds at a time, but from what I saw the pixels were terrible, and this brand is garbage. Way to difficult to set up, doesn't work like it should, and has the worst customer service I've seen. The customer service line asks for your model number like a normal website would, but what do you know! They only have a preset list there, they don't even have the model number of my monitor! I have never been this upset with an item in my life, do NOT buy this. Display Quality I only used it for 5 seconds and the pixels were TERRIBLE. Compatibility We are in the 21st century, these monitors are sold and only compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME. I don't have any clue what they were thinking selling this monitor when you can't even buy any of them operating systems anymore. Ease of Use You need to have at least two monitors to even get the settings going, who knew.



The AOC 2036 20 inch monitor works, but not especially well.


The setup for the AOC 2036 20 inch monitor is fairly easy though not because the instructions are particularly helpful- there was no text, and some of the images take some figuring out. The monitor started working easily enough, quickly recognized by my Dell laptop. Performance issues: The touch menus on the right side are difficult to see in an area with low lighting; only the power button has lighting. Also, the menus themselves have little to no information which tells you what each icon is supposed to do, so you either have to experiment, not use them, or contact AOCs support and ask them to email you information. I got a PDF manual for a differently named model which seems to be equivalent to this one. Text: There are automatic adjustments on the touch menu buttons which change the shape/size of the monitor's viewing area which can also make text fonts look uneven and annoying to read until you find the setting to make it optimal again. Stability of the stand: I have a small computer desk, and when I type on my laptop sometimes the monitor wobbles on the stand despite my having checked and tightened the connections. Flickering/fading: On occasion, the color in the monitor display slowly is tinged pink. On other occasions, it flickers in and out of pink and the normal display.  Display Quality I was able to correct my previous display problem with a new cable. I like the "widescreen" shape of the monitor. Compatibility I'm still using the monitor on the same computer and haven't ever had a problem switching my configuration around. Ease of Use I'm still not thrilled with the lack of information for the display menus etc, but once I set them to my preferences I haven't had to fiddle with them again. Also- an extra nod to the monitor having had a nasty bump during my move, and working without a problem when I set it up.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Love this AOC monitor


After 10 years, my old CRT monitor I got from Gateway finally died. It was a fight to the end. Of course, I had to go to an electronics store to purchase a monitor immediately. Things/monitors have really changed in the last ten years. It was all a bit overwhelming. After comparing pictures from all the displays at the store and with coupon in hand, I purchased this monitor. After I hooked everything up to my computer, the first think I did notice was that this monitor is wider than it is high. Really wide. You may need to adjust your computer display settings (just right click on the desktop screen). This monitor is also a 1080p, which means lots of pixels for a great picture. I have watched movies and searched the net with this monitor. I highly recommend it. Do not be afraid of the AOC brand. Seems to be a great company. One note, my father purchased one and tried to hook up both monitor cables to his computer. You only need to hook this monitor up to your computer once. You can hook up your tv to it too. There are two different plugs on it for those two different applications.

Liberty, SC


AOC inch Monitor

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