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AFG Jeanie Drop Side Baby Crib

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The AFG crib is awful


The  **AFG Jeanie drop side Baby crib is the most awful crib I have ever used. I picked this one because of the drop side since I have major back problems I figured it would make it easier to get our baby in and out easier than a fixed rail crib. Boy was I wrong. The drop side once it was up never wanted to go back down without a fight, thus waking her up more if she needed me in the middle of the night. This rail was replaced the day we bought it because it was broken to begin with. Now we have had to fight for a month to get this company to replace it again because of the same problem. During this time I have used it very little because my daughter is now 13 months and on the tall side and I was afraid she would fall out. I would return this if I could but alas I cannot. When we finally got the 3 rail for this bed and were in the process of putting it on we found most of the screws loose again. These screws keep working their way loose very often thus making it even more unsafe. It also came with casters which I hoped would make it easier for me to vacume her room and that it does but everytime you bump into this bed small white paint flecks fall on to the floor and wheels. I am afraid she is going to get them in her mouth and am constantly cleaning it off. Please for your little ones safety. do not buy this crib!!**

Brandenburg, KY


AFG Jeanie Drop Side Baby Crib

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