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ADS Security System

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feel secure in your home with ADT


Since putting in an ADT security system, we feel more confident about taking a vacation. The company can arrive within 5 minutes and get police or the fire department here also very quickly. The security system is combined with a smoke detecting system, which lowered our house insurance by 25%. It has been a win/win situation with the ADT home security system. when it was installed the person was very helpful in teaching us how to use it, and thorough in testing it, making sure it was in good working order before he left. We had in incident while away with someone trying to break in, but the alarm and immediate arrival of the security people stopped a robbery before it happened. We are extremely pleased with the ADT security system.

Las Vegas, NV


When you have to have security that is affordable ADS can do it


- I moved to a new city in a new subvision.  I quickly found that my quaint little neighborhood was having its share of thefts.   We listened to several approaches to security including video cameras that record but no alarm and several vendors who would install the alarms for all doors, and two motion sensors--all free installation and equipment.  The fine print came to when you purchased the monthly monitoring.  We found that with careful negotiation we could find one we felt was more in line with our budget.  ADT Security ( www.adt.com) presentation was a little more professional and still low key.  Thier monthly rate was the lowest around and their reputation pretty solid.   I have to admit, I kept waiting for them to "add" a price somewhere during installtion!  The installation was done in several hours, very neat, no cleanup after them.  We have found the system works effectively and we are thankful we have not had to see how quickly the police come but feel more secure.  By having the sounds posted not only out front but also on every window (they provide)  it has acted as a deterrent all of its own.

Del Valle, TX


ADS Security System

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