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A Dog's Plea
A Dog's Plea Poem-Story

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A Dog's Perspective


My Old Boss sent this to me. He knew how difficult a time we were having in making the BIG Decision on our Collie of 14 years. He had lived through it and someone gave this to him, and he passed it on to us. If you are a pet lover, this may help you one day. This Poem-Story helped us through our tough choice, didn't make it any easier because we had to put down our beloved Collie. Our Son was going on 4, and I was pregnant with our daughter at the time. My husband always grew up with a dog, my Mom let us have one for a day. Then said we had to give it back. So pretty much that is all our kids knew, a dog was around. Our son asked if he could name her, we said sure. "I want to call her Max" I said that's fine, but her real name will have to be Maxine. So everyone thought we had a male dog. When we would go to the Vet., or groomer's they would call out "Maxine" then it would dawn on us. They were calling our dog. lol... I remember how small she was when we brought her home she fit in our hands. 6 weeks, so tiny. When I would wash the dishes she use to lick my toes, drove me nuts it tickled so much. Our son had a blast with her, in the winter he would throw snowballs at her. She in turn would go and plow him over in the snow. Sometimes she did it soon as they went out in the snow. Max was smart that way, never did it on the cement or grass, just the snow. When our daughter started furniture walking she used Max as her pull up, Max would just lay there it never bothered her. Even if the kids would try and ride her like a horse. You see Max was not your average sized Collie, her dad was 95 lbs. and her mom was 85 lbs. She got to be 79 lbs. Nice sized doggie. I remember when we moved to Illinois, I had a chimmeney co., come out they were like Ma'am is she going to bother us....I told them you don't bother me, she won't bother you! My hubby thought that was great. She was the kids and my body guard! So far that day has been the hardest, the final say so. It's not easy, but we couldn't be selfish because we still wanted her around. She wasn't living, but suffering. When I do see that one commercial and the guy calls his dog, and the dog takes forever to get up, it breaks my heart. That is how Max became hard time getting up and sitting down. But when her hind legs gave out twice when she was walking, that is when we had to get serious about what should we do.

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A Dog's Plea Poem-Story

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