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A-Aable Rentals

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These crooks will eventually face criminal charges.


Hopefully they are locked up before they can steal money from you off your debt/credit card. Look around the web 100s of complaints against them they also operate under alias such as Saban's, A-Aable, and D S Rentco all with the sames address in Phoenix.

Palm Bay, FL


This company is a average guy's friend!


A-able had a car when I needed it. I only had cash cause my wallet was stolen at the airport, and the other company's would'nt help. All I needed was some cash and my licence man thanks to them my travel was just great.

Goodyear, AZ


Great alternate option to the "big guys"


Local car rental company in Phoenix Arizona.  I flew into Phoenix on a Sunday and all the major companies were closed.  A cab driver told me about them. They had some older and newer cars. They were the only place open and really helped me out.

Phoenix, AZ


A-Aable Rentals

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