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9 Lives
9 Lives Urinary Tract Formula Dry Cat Food

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9 Lives Urinary Tract Formula kept my cat healthy after illness


I am the keeper of three cats, one of which suffered from urinary tract illness very early in his life. After an emergency visit to the vet's office and much money spent, we learned that we needed to put him on a urinary tract diet for the rest of his life. We tried many brands, both cheaper and more expensive,and 9 Lives was the brand he liked best. We needed to be convinced that it would keep him healthy. After he completed the first bag without a repeat of the illness, we decided to put our other two cats on it as well, hopefully to ensure they didn't suffer the same affliction as he. He not only improved after being on 9 Lives Urinary Tract Formula, he lived well and our other cats never had even a trace of urinary problem to date and it has been many years. I am more than happy with 9 Lives Urinary Tract Formula as I feel it has kept our cats healthy. It is worth the extra money for your cat's health.

Mountain City, TN


My cats love this food and they are very picky kitties!


My cats have chronic uti's and used to eat a prescription diet but after we went from 2 incomes to 1 we couldn't afford the prescription food so our doctor recommended we tried this product. Since our cats have been on this food they have done very well and they love it, it's all they will eat now.

Bourbon, IN


Unless your cat has an iron stomach, do not feed!


I have trusted 9 Lives for my pets since I was a little girl so I chose the Urinary Tract Formula after one of my cats got a Urinary Tract Infection. Both of my cats got severe diarrhea after eating this dry food even after a slow transition over 3 weeks. The diarrhea got so severe, that I had to give my cat Subqutaneous IV Fluids to keep her hydrated because her diarrhea was so bad. Neither one of my cats have sensative stomachs and will eat anything including my dog's food, so I would not recommend this formula of food for anyone.

Aston, PA


9 Lives Urinary Tract Formula Dry Cat Food

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