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7X Kurio Xtreme Tablet


The new Kurio Xtreme™ takes kid tablets to a cutting-edge level with its improved design, features and technology. And now, Kurio Xtreme is the first tablet with body motion games allowing kids to play tablet games like never before! Kurio Xtreme now includes an Intel© Atom™ processor making it a truly robust device! Plus, Kurio Xtreme has Android™ 4.4 (KitKat), Google Play™ and 16 GB of internal memory allowing kids to play to the extreme.    



  • Stunningly Redesigned, Enhanced and Full-Featured Android™ 4.4 Tablet: Next generation specs with the latest technology, such as a high definition multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, Intel© Atom™ processor, front and rear facing cameras, Bluetooth, speakers, integrated Mic, and Wi-Fi. Watch videos, write emails, surf the web, take photos and videos, play music and much more!
  • Best in Class Parental Controls: Features 8 customizable profiles with separate settings for each child, comprehensive content control, time limits, app management, and a password protected Parental Area.
  • Safe Web Surfing: Integrates our ‘Kurio Genius’ advanced web filtering system with auto-updates covering more than 500 million web sites in 170 different languages, as well as Internet access settings tailored to each child.
  • Packed with over 90 Apps: Ships preloaded with the most popular apps like Cut the Rope™ Spotify™. Includes e-books, educational apps, video streaming apps, and more!
  • First Tablet with Body Motion Control: Pre-loaded with Kurio Motion - an exclusive set of tablet games with body control! Kurio Xtreme includes over 10 Kurio Motion apps - from swimming to racing.
  • Access to Google Play™ and Kurio Store: Connect to millions of apps no matter your interest on Google Play™. Plus, the Kurio Store has carefully curated thousands of kid-friendly and safe apps. Kurio is Netflix, YouTube and Skype compatible!
  • Includes Protective Bumper: This specially designed, durable, Silicone case helps keep the Kurio safe even in kids’ hands. 

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There are so many better options out there


We were looking for a tablet for my boys for christmas and first opted for this 7x curio extreme tablet because it looked like it was geared toward children. I quickly found out that there are so many better options out there. They kept them for a year, but we found that the Kindle Fire was a much better option for them. Just to compare the two, the Fire had an extensive app store, whereas the curio tablet did not. The curio tablet is not made with the gorilla glass that the fire is made with, thus making it a much more fragile option. Cases and replacement chargers and accessories are much harder to find for the curio tablet because they are not as well known and popular. As for the price, with all of the new Kindle Fires coming out, they are actually very affordable and are actually not much more than the cheaper version tablets are. If you are looking for a tablet for your child, I would recommend searching around at the more popular brands because they are going to give you much more for your dollar and are going to be used far more than if you try to save a few dollars and purchase a tablet like this one. I would not recommend this tablet.

Hendersonville, NC


Made for kids


This 7X Kurio Xtreme Tablet was purchased for both my kids and they just love the tablet. The tablet is specially designed for kids and it has preloaded apps and safe web surfing for kids and it also comes with parental controls which can help us as parents to monitor our kids activity on the table. The kids could access the internet and it was better for them to own this table rather than an iPad which was way more expensive than this one. The kids used to access the Kurio store and download games which they used to keep playing all day. They got addicted to this tablet a lot and hence I decided to save some ebooks as well which they could read and study as well. The kids were also able to write on the screen with the touch screen functionality enabled. It has a memory of 4GB which is quite less but since the tablet has proved to be very useful for our kids, the storage memory doesn't matter much.


7X Kurio Xtreme Tablet

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