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72 Hour
72 Hour Slimming Pill

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It didn't work.


So, the 72 hour diet pill. Many people have heard of it, some have tried it. Bottom line, I tested it out. The pill is supposed to help you 'lose 10 pounds in 72 hours'. You take a few pills twice a day with meals and a full glass of water. I did as instructed, and kept my exercise routine the way it normally is. After 3 days and 30 pills, I stepped onto the scale to reveal I was the exact same weight as before. At first I was angry, but then realizing that no pill is magically, I got over it. A few days later I looked at the scale again and I was 2 pounds lighter. I'm not sure how it fell off, but maybe the pill did help.  Personally, I think exercise, small meals, and lots of water is your best bet. The 72 hour diet pill is a hassle for no real reward. I wouldn't reccommend it.

Elizabethtown, NC


72 Hour Slimming Pill

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