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6-Bushel Bagger for Craftsman 46" deck Zero-Turn Tractor


Great for large yards, this bagger collects up to 6 bushels of clippings for longer mowing times between clipping disposal. Clippings are disposed into two easy-to-empty bags.

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This is a great mower and easy to handle


I have a very large and healthy lawn that requires cutting more often at times than the standard once a week chore. This riding mower makes it so easy and the attachable catcher bins make cleanup easy. This mower is very comfortable to ride and handles even the tightest turns around the landscaping areas. Very easy to maneuver tightly along the winding trimming along the edges of the grass where it meets the landscape edging, making that final touch up a breeze. With a very large healthy lawn it was actually enjoyable to care for because not only was it comfortable but you didn't have to go over anything twice. Once over and it was done. I would recommend this mover to anyone with a lawn that is large and most especially for those with lots of intricate curves and tight spots. As a woman, my husband was leery about my driving it but I handled it like a pro and he felt assured that I could handle it safely and even better he was thrilled that I could help with this massive chore!!



6-Bushel Bagger for Craftsman 46" deck Zero-Turn Tractor

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