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Great product for college students or single adults


I love being able to set something up in here and leave it on at home while I am in class or at work and I can come home to a home-cooked hot meal! There are hundreds of crockpot cookbooks and thousands of recipes online that you can use for your crock pot! Time to Heat Heat is evenly distributed Cooking Performance Havnt had any problems with this product. It cooks evenly and only burns if you leave it on for WAY more than the recomended time. (such as if you forgot you set it and leave it on for an additional 5 hours) Ease of Cleaning I love that I can take out the liner and put it in the dishwasher! Easy Peasy! Ease of Use super easy to use! I love to make salsa chicken or soups in my crock pots! Design I think it is a great idea to have a removable crock so it is easy to clean! Simply put the crock in the dishwasher and voila! It's clean! Durability I've had mine for years, and it was a hand me down from a friend! I have had no problems with this and would love to have many more of these



Rival Crockpot is so easy to use!


As a single person who is on the go this little crockpot makes things so much easier! I can make just the right amount to last a few days for the week. What I like about it is this model has low and high. It comes handy for those recipes that require a higher setting! I have made everything from Lunches to deserts in it. It is easy to clean up too! Since it is a smaller crock pot I can easily take it with me to pot lucks.

Fort Lauderdale, FL



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