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3M Home Dust Mask (Model 8662ES)

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If you're allergic to dust, you NEED these masks.


***Quick View:*** Keep airborne particles out of your mouth and nose and ward off allergic reactions with these masks. ***About the 3M Home Dust Mask* **I have a very severe dust allergy. Add that to my allergies to mold and must and cleaning out a basement, garage, or even my home office is torture. If I even attempt to go into really dusty damp areas, my eyes water, I start to sneeze, and I am totally incapable of doing the task I need to do. My husband bought me some **3M Home Dust Masks** and life has been much better! These masks are simple but they keep the dust, mold, and must away from my nasal passages and from my mouth. I sometimes have to wear goggles for tough jobs but at least I don't swell up and cough for hours after I attempt a chore now. These masks cover the mouth and nose and have a pliable metal nose area that you can mold to your nose. They have two straps for a sure fit and block out just about all the allergens that come in contact with them. The only problem is, that after an hour or so of wearing a mask, it gets really hot when I breathe and I need to go in another room and take a break and get some fresh air. Obviously, since I am breathing in my own air, that is bound to happen and I don't fault the masks. I need the protection so I suffer a little from the heat. A good tradeoff. When I wear these, I can do almost any task without too much discomfort. If the area is very dusty, I may have to wear goggles or my eyes will swell and turn red and itch. If it is just mildly dusty in the area, the mask alone will ward off my allergy attacks. ***My Viewpoint*** These disposable masks have come in handy for so many things around the house and outside. I wear them all the time when I am doing something in a duty, moldy, or damp area. They really help stop my allergy attacks. My only issue, as I said, is that they get hot and I have to take the masks off after an hour or so and cool off. Still, I wouldn't venture into a dusty room without one! ***4 stars.***


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3M Home Dust Mask (Model 8662ES)

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