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3M Fur Fighter Hair Remover

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3M Fur Fighter Hair Remover gets it all off!


If you are anal about lint, dust or hair or anything sticking (I admit that I am!) and general house cleaning doesn't do a good enough job of getting rid of all of it then the 3M Fur Fighter Hair Remover is definitely for you. When I first purchased it I did not have a cat, dog or furry animal at home, just a serious aversion to anything sticking where it wasn't supposed to. If you do have one or more cats or dogs then you really do need the 3M Fur Fighter Hair Remover because the fur, hair and dander will get everywhere despite your best efforts and while regurlarly dusting, vaccuming and mopping to clean your house helps, it doesn't pick it all up. ** ** How I use it: I carry a 3M Fur Fighter Hair Remover around to use on the go, in my car to brush off carpetting and seats ensuring that I am lint-free, speck-free, fur-free, hair-free and anything else free at all times. To use after purchasing open the paper pack to remove the Hair Remover holder, peel of the 3M label to uncover the sticky side that attaches to the holder, put the holder to the sticky sheet to attach and it's ready to use. As always, remember to buy smarter in order to spend less of your hard earned money. Look for sale and special offer prices, don't forget to use store/manufacturer coupons.

Yakima, WA


No more Hair!


Although I only have one cat it seems his hair is everywhere. It especially shows up on my microfiber couch. I have dried many things and up until now I was using the tape brushes to remove hair. I love this little thing! Its nice and easy to use and you can get a lot of uses out of it before you have to replace the pad. The only drawback that I have found so far is that the tap pad starts to curl up after a little. You can use this on practically every surface, I have even used it on my cat. Its small enough that it just goes in a drawer and is convienient to brush down the furniture before company comes by. I like the fact that the pads come off and can be thrown away. It makes it a lot cleaner, than the ones that get gunked up with hair. I have tried many things, but this seems to work the best. The little rubber fingers really attracts the hair. I like that its so easy and affordable.

Buffalo, NY


3M Fur Fighter Hair Remover

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