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30" Digital Crmc Pdstl Heater


Lasko 5397 Ceramic Pedestal Heater with Digital Remote Control safely, efficiently and comfortably warms your room.

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i have a' warm spot in my heart' for this lasko !


this heater was give to me by my very dear neighbor who i told that i was gonna throw my heaters out in the yard if my electric bill gets any higher ! she got four of them last year cause she didnt want to run her central unit.well was this a surprise or what.this baby not only heats like a dream it shuts down when it reaches temp. that by its self saves money !it also has numerous digital settings which prove very energy savvy.the ceramic heating element seems to be very durable when it comes to being knocked over cause that happened alot last winter with my dog playing.it also has a auto shut off feature incase your wondering.i have to say my electric bill was alot lower than i expected.this heater is very effecient at warming more open spaces which is how my kitchen and family room is made,only a partial wall divides the two rooms.this baby does a suprising job at spreading that heat effeciently !i thik its the best value for the money ! oh,i almost forgot,it has a remote also !


summertown, TN


My Lasko Digital heater warms up the room quickly.


This is one of two space heaters we bought to replace some duds from last year.  I have been very pleased with this one.  I like the fact that it is thermostatically controlled - I can set the temperature and it will run until it gets 2 degrees warmer than it's set, then it turns off until it gets to 1 degree below the setting.  Occasionally I find that the temp is off by a couple of degrees from what is actually in the room, but most of the time it is pretty accurate.  I also love the remote - I know it's probably laziness, but when I'm doing school work with my laptop on my lap, it's very nice to have the remote to adjust the temp or turn it on without having to get up.  The other very nice feature is how quiet it is!  I usually cannot even tell it is running, with it 5 or 6 feet away from me.  Now that's nice - no noisy rattling fan motor.  I blows out a nice toasty flow of heat without scorching me - and it can be picked up right during operation.  It's also cool in the back, so it can be near the wall or other furniture without making anything hot behind it.  One feature it has, which I haven't used yet, is the auto off - you can set the timer on it to run for a specific time and then shut off.  I like the thermostat control better, but the other feature might be better for some people.  It's 27" tall, and only has a little round foot print of about 12 or so inches, so it's compact for small spaces.  I don't have the electrical usage comparison yet, but it is supposed to be energy efficient. 


Newnan, GA


flimsy and inconvenient


I bought this heater when my smaller Lasko ceramic heater was not enough to heat up our apartment's living room. It seemed very nice with all the digital temperature setting option when I bought it but once we started using it we realized how non-user friendly it was and it will just not heat up to the temperature that we set it up to, even after one year we have not been able to figure out how exactly we are supposed to achieve a desired temperature, that tells something about its user friendliness!. Besides its heating aspect, its body is extremely flimsy, the bottom sylinder that supports the upper part gets unscrewed on its own just by moving the heater from one place to another and over time it becomes so lose that it can fall down any time. I was so annoyed with this that I just stopped using it altogether now it just sits in my walk in closet, and there to it does not stand properly so I have it in lying down position. I will not recommend this to anyone especially if you have little children around.


Omaha, NE


Awesome heater!


We wanted to be able to regulate our room temperature better (it gets a little chilly because it's furthest from our temperature gauge) without turning up the heat in the whole house.  We were pleasantly surprised when we purchased this heater!  It is awesome for the price!  Things I love about it: it heats the room well; has a remote control; it oscillates; it has several settings (you can pick the temperature you want it to get to, or you can just let it heat on high- it displays the current temp); it doesn't switch off- you can have it on all night long to regulate temperature; you can see the temperature at night (it has lit-up numbers on the display); it seems small, but it does big rooms well (heats up our 13x13 room); It is very portable (it has a nice deep handle that allows you to cart it around); it has a good base (not worried about it tipping at all); and the cord length is perfect (not too long, not too short). No cons found so far and I've owned it for 3 months and use it every day!


Kaysville, UT


30" Digital Crmc Pdstl Heater

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