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2-Wire Wireless Router

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Worst product support of any router to date.


The company that manufactures this router -- 2Wire -- does not even have a page for it. The CD that allows install of the USB drivers is usually discarded in the trash by the installer and is not available for download on the manufacturer or carrier websites. Like the forerunners in a long line of other 2Wire products of failure, this device works well if it is only doing the basic items and there is no certainty that behavior will last long. However, ask it to do the additional features that it claims, and you will find yourself a lone ranger in a desolate place. Expect every tech and representative you speak with to simply pass the buck to the next guy when you ask for assistance. If you end up with one of these, and it messes up (which is very likely), expect a real headache at least, and a paid house call with no resolve at worst. As much as it is easier (and more common) to write a bad review, this company deserves it. Every 2Wire product I have ever serviced has been a noteworthy pain and never ended in total success. Unless the company experiences a major overhaul in method of operation, expect this trend to continue.

Stillwater, OK


A Stellar & Versatile Router/Switch, So Far


***Bottom-Line:*** If you are thinking about going with *AT&T U-Verse* you'll want to request the **Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver**, you'll be glad you did. No longer willing to put up with the *Dish*, we recently had *AT&T U-Verse* installed (we opted for the HD digital cable service and broadband Internet).  The heart of the system is the **2Wire 3800HGV-B Wireless Router/Switch,** or Residential Gateway, in *U-Verse* parlance. **The 411** The **2Wire 3800HGV-B **is a** **fairly large *Residential Gateway* (RG) and it is where the *U-Verse Service* all comes together via a coax cable from the street.  From the **2Wire 3800HGV-B** the cable and Internet signals are dispersed via (4) wired 10/100Mbps (Auto-crossover) RJ-45 ports, and or 802.11 wireless b/g.  The large router also offers VoIP, Broadband Networking, NAT/PAT.      The **2Wire 3800HGV-B** also hands out IP addresses in the (192.168.. range) to computers and other devices via built-in *Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol* (DHCP), and it is equipped with a very robust Firewall.  I had the installation technician place our RG inside the entertainment center where it could not be seen, but still do its thing.     The front of the unit is fitted with the usual green and yellow LED's; i.e. *Power*, *Ethernet, USB-PC, Wireless, HPNA, Phone 1, Phone 2, Broadband and Internet.*   The back of the unit is rather busy; there you will find (1) Cable Line port, (4) RJ-45 ports, (2) USB ports, (1) Broadband port, (3) Phone ports, and power.  **My Viewpoint ** With the **2Wire 3800HGV-B **I have several ways to get my Internet signal: wirelessly, RJ-45 port, USB-to-PC port, or path I choose, RJ-45 port out to another Router/Switch.  High-speed of course.  While the **2Wire 3800HGV-B **is not needed to feed the regular *Cisco IPN-330HD* cable boxes, it is necessary to feed the HD signal directly to the *Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver*.      Overall, I have been very happy with the **2Wire 3800HGV-B**.  Set-up and configuration of the unit is relatively easy and since I had it installed I have only had to reset it once due to poor (cable) signal quality.  If you are thinking about going with *AT&T U-Verse* you'll want to request the **2Wire 3800HGV-B Wireless Router/Switch.**  

Aurora, IL


2-Wire Wireless Router

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