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1st Financial Bank USA - Visa Card

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Good card is used responsibly


My son has this card, uses it responsibly, pays it off each month, and all is good. Customer service has been excellent. Like any card, if you carry a balance or go over the limit, you will be charges high interest and fees. This card is for emergencies, so it suits him well. And, it establishes his credit.

West Chester, OH


Dont waste your time- even if you are a student


This card is a completely waste of time. I got this card back when I was a college student and it seem decent. it used to have free interest under $250 and a decent interest rate and was easy to get approved. Years later they took they away and added a annual fee of $35. I started getting hit with interest each month for 12-13 dollars. I missed a payment and went to 29% and hefty $35 fee each time. Its been 5yrs and they haven't raised my limit from $500. The customer service reps get very smart toned with you (some are cool). If this card wasnt one of my oldest cards I would cancel. The website look is dry. Very old school style of payment system that could use a overhaul. They still waste paper and send me a paper statement for a zero balance. they need to get with the modern times. Were is the paperless option. oh I forgot... NO REWARDS If you got the credit, you can do better then this company. Customer Service Customer service reps are very unforgiving and have a i don't care attitude. Other reps can be the sweetest. Available Rates rates are horrible. 22-29%



If you consider First Financail, you should keep looking


I cannot repeat this enough, do not get this card. This card, I believe, is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. Regardless of the debt you are in, they will continue to increase your spending limit only allowing you to push yourself in further debt. In order to get ahold of a person, you are left to talk to an automated message for quite a while, and once you are connected to a human being, you are transferred from one person to the next as they try to find someone to solve your problem. While you can access your account online, the web site is often down for repairs and you have to jump through hoops if you forget your password. Also, they allow you to pay online but you are charged a nine dollar fee for doing so, so much for trying to save the enviroment. Also, it takes days for updates to be posted online. They have high interest rates and after the first month or two, you are basically just paying interest if you are only paying the low balence.

Pottstown, PA


Are you reallly charging me THAT much?


A few months ago, I decided to call a toll free number that promised me that my credit would be raised in three months. Everything did sound wonderful...the low payments, the small credit limit. You know, it did sound so great. And it was great the first month or two. When I began charging on it, I knew that it was strickly to fix my credit and would only charge small amounts so I could pay it off. Well, my spending limit on the card was 300. Which isn't bad. So, I went to the grocery store and bought 108 dollars worth of groceries, and the card wouldn't go through. I didn't have the cash on me so I had to leave my items there. When I called them they told me I only had 25 dollars on there. I thought that was nuts because I hadn't even used the card yet, and I didn't even have enough to make my first purchase. It turns out that they had charged me 275 just to even have the card. And to top it off the monthly payments weren't low....they were 100 a month. So I just gave up and sent the card back and told them I didn't want it. I felt dumb and will never try to get out another card to help me out on my credit.

Midland, TX


BEWARE! Good at first, but they then rip you off...ruthlessly


I was like many people that get caught in this trap. Was 18 years old and in college, looking for ways to build my credit when I was offered 1st Financial Bank's Visa card. It was for students and was 0% up to $500. Anything over that was charged at 10%. Not bad, but was 2004. I used the card loyally, always paying it off until I decided to move to Australia and finish college. While attempting to find a job overseas, I had no income to pay more than the minimum balance on the card for about 6-8 months, which led to a few $1000 balance. This is where their trick came in. I have had the card now for over 6 years... never missed a payment... never been late... never had any problem and my interest rate is at 26.99%!! I have called several times begging for them to show a little grace to a long time loyal customer and was told rather rudely they can and will not do anything (which they can). I have a $180 minimum payment now and only $20 of that goes toward the balance. I asked to speak to the manager and said: if you can't lower the rate, why is any other card I have at 10-13%? She said in a very 'bitchy' tone: We don't compete with other card companies. We set our own rates... WOW! My response: So, you don't compete for my business? Her response: NO. My review... from a REAL customer. Its good if you are a student and want to build a little credit at 0%, but if you have to go over that... Pawn your car first... 1st Financial is worse than they are. Finally landed a sweet job and will pay the balance off soon. I will then call and tell them what I think of them before closing my account.

Lawrenceville, GA


1st Financial Bank USA is by far one of the best credit cards.


I had been trying for a long time to get a credit card so I could build my credit. I am 18 years old, and in my second semester of college. I searched and searched for a company that would accept me, so that I could get a credit card. No one would accept me because I didn't have any credit. I always wondered, How am I going to build my credit if no one will accept me? I got a letter in the mail for First Financial Bank USA, it was for college students. I called the number on the paper, and talked to an extremely nice customer service representative, who explained everything to me.  This helped a lot! I did not have to pay any fees to receive this credit card. It seems like you have to pay many fees to get other credit cards. I even got to pick what I wanted on it, they give you options. I picked the puppies because they were so cute! I received my credit card extremely fast, and have been using it a lot. I am very pleased with First Financial Bank USA. They are great!

Sonora, CA


1st Financial Bank USA - Visa Card

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