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HORRIBLE!!!! NEVER AGAIN! 1-800 flowers horrible company


I will NEVER AGAIN ORDER FROM 1-800 FLOWERS. WHAT A HORRIBLE COMPANY! I never had such a bad experience before with any other companies. I made an order on March 5th to be delivered on March 8th. They took my order. I called on March 8th to make sure the delivery will be made, they told me they cannot deliver until March 9th. I was upset but I agreed. Guess what, I called on March 9th to make sure a delivery will be made , NO DELIVERY. They told me, now the deliver will be made on MARCH 10th! Guess WHAT!!!!!! NO DELIVERY on March 10th. Now, I am waiting for over 20 minutes already on the phone with an agent to find out where is my delivery. HORRIBLE. The delivery was meant for my aunt's birthday. I feel so bad and embarrassed. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY EVER !!!!! JUST HORRIBLE


Chicago, IL


Do not use 1800Flowers!


Extremely unhappy with how my order was handled. I placed my order on Monday 4/17 at 2:15 pm pst for the service on Wednesday 4/19 at 9:30 am cst. Everything was all setup and I was under the impression my flowers would be delivered for the service as promised. Imagine my surprise when I received two phone calls from an 800 numbers that turned out to be 1-800-Flowers (at 8:19 am pst and 9:15 am pst) saying that by the time the local florist got the order, the service had already started and they wanted an alternative delivery address. This is completely unacceptable! I was not able to attend the service since I live several states away and wanted to show I was thinking of them by having the flowers at the service. I will literally never use 1800Flowers again!


San Mateo, CA




Worst purchase experience. It cannot deliver the flower on time. Customer service is so ridiculous. My suggestion is DO NOT BUY ANYTHING!


Washington, DC



an absolutely unreliable service. I ordered a flower bouquet delivery, Paid extra charge to have it delivered on specific date. I called that day to make sure the flowers will be delivered the costumer service assured that it will. I also received an email that the delivery was made. checking with the destination residents, there was no flower nothing delivered at the door. most embarrassing situation as this was ordered for a very important funeral. the 1-800 Flowers put my whole respect into perpective with their absolute lack of management. this is the worst service I have ever worked with.




Frustrated Florist- Wish I could give them less than 1 star.


I have been with Bloomnet for quite some time. I was very happy at first and considered going with Bloomnet exclusively. This all changed when I was contacted by someone from Bloomnet notifying me that I was being reviewed for to many request for funds. I am a small business with a small staff. I also service a very large area which includes 2 counties. I require a certain amount per order to maintain the overhead. I cannot take orders that do not meet a certain percentage of cost to profit margin. I was told by the Bloomnet Rep that I was expected to take orders sent via Bloomnet regardless. I then asked her specifically if I was to take orders even if I lost money. I was told that, yes I was to take any and all 1 800 Flowers orders even if it was costing me money. I explained to her that she received a pay check without question as long as she put in her hours daily. I on the other hand do not receive a pay check just for showing up to work. I only get paid if the shop makes money. I was not going to allow her or anyone else with Bloomnet to cost me money or cost me my business. She was very rude and offered no real solutions to me concerns. I feel that Bloomnet and 1 800 Flowers is padding their pockets on the backs the small flower shops and small business owners. I cannot and will not be apart of a company that does not help the people actually doing the work. No one in your call banks nor any of the corporate employees make the flowers arrangements. It is the everyday flower shop that allows you to make money. I feel at this point due to the statement I just received in the mail I have no further choice but to take my fight higher. I have yet to receive a phone call from Bloomnet HQ about the fact that I have not taken a single order in months. I also know that orders have been coming over our Teleflora system from Bloomnet. I too am not completely happy with Teleflora but at least they allow me to request additional funds for delivery.


Tallahassee, Florida


Customer Lost for Life


I had a very similar experience to the woman who posted about her Mother's Day arrangement in May 2016. I ordered an arrangement for my parent's 56th wedding anniversary in June 2016 and despite multiple phone calls an no email confirmation, it never arrived, yet the day after I received an email saying it had. I got nowhere with customer service and after years of using 1800 flowers for our business as well as family and spending thousands - I do not trust that these flowers ever arrived in some cases! I think this is another example of a company so big that they are forgetting about customer service! I will never order again from 1800 flowers and will be allocating all my future dollars to local florists and one of the many competitors that are out there. All they could do for me was to offer a $20 credit on future orders - really?? I was previously 100% happy with this company, but no longer!


Mount Airy, MD


Thanks for ruining Mothers Day


Ordered a beautiful and expensive arrangement from all of my siblings to my mom. Wanted delivery on 5/7 (Mother's day) but 5/6 was acceptable. I got an email saying they were delivered on Sat. Talk to mom around 3pm and she never got them! Called Cust service and could hardly understand the woman I talked to..very frustrating! After 20 min of discussion and holding it Turns out they were NEVER delivered. She then tried to offer me redelivery tomorrow and 20% off my next order. Are you kidding???!!! I said delivery tomorrow defeats the purpose of mother's day flowers. They charge a lot for service and delivery...NOT a chance! I asked for a full refund. Showed my mom the picture of the flowers and note and had to apologize to all my siblings. They take your money on the spot but it will take 7-10 days for a refund. You lost a client for life.


SLC, Utah


Probably never again...


The flowers were not that nice. The arrangement looked like it was done with half effort. In the fine print it said if they didn't have it they'd replace with something similar- but it really did not look like the photo at all. On top of that the card was hand written and the writing was terrible. Delivery was literally not sent til the very last second. I should've ordered else where. Didn't complain because I just didn't wanna deal with them anymore.




NEVER Buy from them EVER


I ordered a cute bundle gift with tedy bear for Morthers day, I supposed to get it by the 5/6 or 5/7, today I called in asking I've not received any tracking info, the Agent was very hard to understand and he put me on hold saying your order automatically has changed to delievered on 5/12 who celeberate Mother's day on the 12th? He put me on hold like 6 times tool almost 1hr and 25 min still have the call record (his Supervisor never got on the call, which he said he will) and he told me he found the replacement of the similar item which will be delievered by tomorrow for Mother's day with teddy bear. Just now I received the email saying the item has been shipped, and it is so different than the item I originally order and there is no teddy but a monkey instead and it has yellow flowers instead of purple, and it has "hang in there!" msg instead of "love you mother." You guys are horrible, I'll complain about this business to BBB, paid a lot more,very disappointed call me now. I'd like to speak with CEO for this company. It is just very disappointed and that was my first time experience.



Terrible Customer Service. Hanging up on customer


I miss the call for a person to clarify my recipients phone #. When I call back and ask for help from an agent, the woman who picks up seems like she can barely comprehend any information given to her, she then tells me that I'm already working with another agent. I said the voicemail said to call back and any agent will assist me. She continued to not help me. When I inquired why she can't open the order to help me.. she hung up on me.


Eatonville, WA



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