Viewpoints Rewards

We've created Viewpoints Rewards as our way of saying thank you for making Viewpoints a leading provider of authentic, unfiltered, helpful reviews on 34,000+ products, including appliances, consumer electronics, mattresses, health and beauty items, baby gear and insurance. Participation is easy. Write reviews, earn points and redeem rewards for sharing your honest opinion about the products you own and use.

Want to get started? Here’s how it works.

When you write a qualifying review that is at least 700 characters long in an eligible product category, you'll earn Rewards Points that will be awarded to your account and visible on the Your Rewards section of your profile upon Viewpoints’ approval of the review.

500 Points = One $5 Gift Card

Every 500 points you earn can be redeemed on Viewpoints for gift cards to a variety of retailers, such as*. Gift card options depend on availability at the time Rewards Points are redeemed.

Writing Reviews

Qualifying reviews are worth 25 Rewards Points each. Occasionally, we may double and triple Rewards Points for qualifying reviews in featured categories. Point amounts are labeled on the product page and review form of individual products in eligible categories, as shown below. You must be logged in to your Viewpoints account to see point labels displayed in eligible categories.

Product page with point amount labeled. Review form with point amount labeled.

Products ineligible for Rewards Points are not labeled. For updates on double and triple point categories, make sure you are subscribed to our email list on the Settings page of your profile.

Since all of our reviews are carefully screened for quality, point activation may take up to 72 hours.

Review quality is a must

Review quality is central to Viewpoints' mission of providing authentic and helpful reviews for consumers. Viewpoints reserves the right to withhold points and remove any review from the site for any discretionary quality concern. The below guidelines outline how we evaluate the quality of a review and are criteria for earning points and rewards on Viewpoints.

To qualify, reviews must, in Viewpoints’ discretion:

  1. Be at least 700 characters long
  2. Only be related to products that are listed on
  3. Not contain any inappropriate, copied, plagiarized or bogus content
  4. Be predominantly about the product being reviewed
  5. Contain unique and helpful product information throughout the review
  6. Be easy to read with minimal spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Reviews that contain repetition of characters such as, ("!!!!!" and "........"), repeated content copied throughout the review, or other information that is not helpful to the consumer will not qualify
  7. Not be combined with any other offer or affiliate program
  8. Clearly be written by a human

Reviews that fail to meet each of these quality standards and reviews identified as low quality by Viewpoints will be deemed ineligible for points under Viewpoints Rewards. To guide you in writing a minimum of 700 characters, you’ll see a character counter at the bottom of the review form, showing the review length before publishing.

By opting to participate in the Viewpoints Rewards program, members agree that all reviews comply with Viewpoints' Terms of Service and Viewpoints Rewards Terms & Conditions .

How to collect gift cards using Viewpoints Rewards points

For every 500 points earned and credited to your Viewpoints account, you are eligible to redeem one $5.00 gift card on the Your Rewards page of your profile. After a gift card code is claimed, 500 points will be subtracted from the total points available to redeem in your account.

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