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up & up Boys' Training Pants

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Tried these on my baby boy LOVE THEM!


These are great for training easy to put on an take down to potty! Very comfy soft an hold without making a mess if they have accidents. Completely pleased with this product, will continue to use!!



Just as good as PullUps!


My son is in the process of being potty trained. He does pretty well when we are at home and he wears only underwear. However, when we are out in public, or he is with friends or at church, he is more apt to have an accident. So right now, he wearing the up and up training pants when we are out, as well as at naptime. I chose these over the ever popular Huggies PullUps on a friend's recommendation. We had used the up and up diapers and loved them as well. We have had zero problems with the up and up training pants. They have a cute robot design on the front, so that makes my son like them. They go up and down easily, yet stay on without a problem. They have tear away sides to take them off easily if there is an accident or messy diaper. My son has had a poop in these pants, and there was not a problem removing the pants and cleaning him. They also have not leaked when he's had an accident. They hold up well, and we like them for while we are potty training!

Pendergrass, GA


up & up Boys' Training Pants

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