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up & up Allergy Relief

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Works as efficiently as name brand product


Generic products are sometimes a great way to save money, but they aren't always exactly like the name brand counterpart. With over the counter medicines, you need a generic brand to work as quickly, effectively, and last as long as its name brand counterpart in order for it to be worth the money you're saving. Up & Up Allergy Relief is the generic version of Benadryl allergy. It is less expensive, and in my opinion works just as quickly and as effectively as name brand Benadryl. It also makes you just as drowsy as you would be if you were taking Benadryl. These pills are small and easy to swallow and start working fairly quickly. I usually only take a dose at night and then switch to a non-drowsy allergy medicine, and this product relieves allergy symptoms throughout the night. Up & Up Allergy Relief does a good job of relieving itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, and also allergic skin reactions such as hives or rashes. Up & Up generally makes great generic products, and this is one of them.



It's an average product


Up & up is an average allergy medicine. Some generic brands are no different than the mainstream medicine when it comes to treating allergies but I would rate Up & up as an inferior brand. Effectiveness It's effective at first when it came to treating my Spring allergies but after ten days or so, I noticed even after taking so many pills it simply had no effect. I was sneezing like crazy and couldn't stop. Even when it is effective, I had to take 3,4, even 5 pills just to see a remote level of effectiveness. Immediacy Up and Up takes anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour for its effectiveness to kick in. So I am expecting immediate relief.

Sacramento, CA


up&up allergy- I can't tell a difference


I've recently switched over from Zyrtec to up&up allergy relief. It makes a HUGE difference in my budget, but I was skeptical at first. It seemed as if the store brand should be much less effective--- after all, I'm paying less! However, I haven't found that to be true. I'd recommend this to any current Zyrtec users- it will save you money without hurting your allergy symptoms. Then again, I only have mild hayfever-- perhaps stronger allergies require a different form of medication. up&up is good enough for me!

Lincoln, NE


up & up Allergy Relief

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