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overpriced garbage


They overcharge on everything they sell! They charge you separately for handling which is around 5$ and then you get another charge for shipping which was 8.95 on top of the handling price and the item you purchase . So now the item is really not worth it!! They get alot of this free and then charge ridiculous prices..

Rockford Illinois


Call it Greedwill


Goodwill in general has gotten far too greedy. Prices in the retail stores are out of control. The shill bidding, item redacting and shipping prices on shogoodwill.com are downright criminal. That is why I am starting the website Stopgoodwill.com. I've been ripped off by Greedwill and regret donating to their self perpetuating "cause" (lining their pockets). If anyone is interested in contributing stories or information please contact me. Thanks!!

Grand Rapids, MI


Poor Packaging and Terrible return policy


I Paid a premium on a Older Toy. Of course Anyone who collect toys or most older items know that condition is a MAJOR factor on price. My item arrived damaged. The item was not packaged well at all which caused the damage in multiple areas on the toy. I contacted the seller at the shop Goodwill location of the auction. They offered me 5% off or Full refund IF... I Sent the item back on my dime. Return Shipping policy needs to be addressed and New package training to all employees. UPDATE.. I just received today another poorly package of steins and yes you got it a broke one. So far I have received 4 packages and 3 were damaged..


Its best days are behind it


What used to be a good value is now absurdly expensive. High reserve prices, excessive shipping fees and ridiculous handling fees are the norm, not the exception. I've given up on this auction site.



fendi sunglasses


I bought pair of fendi sunglasses, the description said that the sunglasses only want some cleaning no scratches.however the sunglasses was badly scratch next time I pay with PayPal so I can make a case, if item does not meet the description



Risky. Assume that the item is broken and bid according.


The shipping and handling charge is crazy high. The two items I bought were broken and needed repair. I have been disappointment with the service. Takes weeks to ship. I won't bid any more. I suspect shilling.



bid system


I had lot of bids. The bidder never see the correct time and other bidder amount. This is ridiculous! More times only $ 0.01 different the winner amount on the last 3 second! I think is not fair system! Please figure out the other way to sell because this very bad.



Poor service


They're lazy with shipping and overcharge for it.



Holding for friends


I have noticed some Items are for pick up only and they will not ship the item.I can understand that if it was a large item,but when there are other similar items like computer monitors and computer surround systems.It depends on the quality of the item if they will ship or in store pick up only.I have run into this at the Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region site on a monitor they had yet they would ship other low quality monitors same with a Klipsch Promedia GMX-D5 Computer Surround Sound they have.I feel like they have local pickup so one of their friends will have a chance to bid and win it...And i have seen the same thing others have posted items being jacked up on the bids as if someone from Goodwill is bidding to get the price up and the winning bid be close or more than the item cost retail..

Bristol Tennessee


I love this site and I have found great deals!


I have bought Dozens! Dozens of things from shopgoodwill. They make a genuine effort to describe all the items and they have always been very helpful when I had a question about a particular item. They respond within a reasonable amount of time and provide the information honestly. My only complaint would be that the shipping is sometimes high but they have worked with me to offer economy shipping when it is available if I ask. Some locations do better with this than others. I have found some fantastic deals shopping this site. Highly recommend.

Macon, Georgia



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