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Committing to a diet to improve your health and appearance is a big decision. Finding one that works is an even greater challenge. The Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards recognize the top diets, based solely on the consumer reviews we collect and publish daily on Viewpoints. Our reviews are written by ordinary consumers, not experts. These diets all meet the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice award eligibility requirements and represent the top 6 percent of 50+ diet books and programs reviewed on Viewpoints. Take the advice of those who’ve been there. Choose a diet that best sets you up for success.

Viewpoints recommends this diet as the top choice for those wanting to lose weight and keep it off:

Top Diet The Eat-Clean Diet Reviewers ChoiceBest Overall: Diets

The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno

Rated 91 | 41+ reviews

The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno is a self-guided diet book with recipes and workout tips our reviewers call “life-changing” — earning a 9.3/10 for Effectiveness. Reno won her own battle with weight and is now thin enough to grace the book cover. How did she do it? Her focus on natural, unprocessed foods. The series features “Eat-Clean” books catering to vegetarians, men and even kids.

“It isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change to a healthy way of eating.  There is no starvation, no calorie counting and no gimmicks.  That is what I love.  It is simple to follow and everything is easy to find in the local grocery store.”lovetobikemom, Dousman, WI, Reviewer since 2009

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More Top Diets and Weight Loss Programs

These two diets also meet the tough criteria for a Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice award and are highly recommended:

Top Diets Reviewers Choice Weight Watchers Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a group diet program that helps you manage portions by assigning points; the support from meetings helps WW members stay focused and motivated. Viewpoints-rated at 87 based on 991+ reviews, one reviewer sums up the praise: “I got outstanding results that lasted for quite a while.”

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Top Diets My Plate Reviewers ChoiceMyPlate Nutrition Guidelines 

MyPlate is the USDA guide (replacing “Food Guide Pyramid”) focusing on the food groups and giving many options to track progress. Viewpoints-rated at 87 based on 41+ reviews,  reviewers love that the MyPlate diet plan is “realistic to sustain” and “a great tool for people searching for ways to eat healthy, maintain an adequate weight or to lose weight.”

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Editor’s Note: Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards for diets were given in January, 2014, and current product ratings may differ.