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Puritan's Pride
Puritan's Pride acidophilus

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Good for your system


The Puritan's Pride acidophilus is a great value and great addition to your healthy lifestyle. So often I have needed a little something to help with my digestion and these capsules really take care of any digestive issues I may have. If you are someone that is on antibiotics for an infection, that also kills the good bacteria in your system needed for your overall digestive health. Taking these acidophilus capsules really takes care of any problems the antibiotic may cause you and keep you in good digestive health. Puritan's Pride carries quality vitamins and supplements at very affordable prices. They are a great company to order from for fast shipping too. Effectiveness I have found this brand to be more effective than store brands that you can buy. Ease of Use This acidophilus is very simple to use - just take a couple capsules - no mixing or powders. Immediacy These capsules work great and fast.



A good priced probiotic


I have been taking Puritan's Pride acidophilus for over a year, and I have been satisfied with the performance of this product. I initially tired the Puritan's Pride brand because it seemed more reasonably priced than options at the drug store. I also enjoyed ordering it and having it delivered to my home, and Puritan's Pride offers good promotions as well. The first bottle I got was odorless and tasteless, and while subsequent bottles have looked the same, they have had a slight odor and taste. It is not however so bad that it keeps me from taking them. In fact, it is barely noticeable. The probiotics seem to do just as good of a job as those I had tried from the drug store. My husband does not think they are quite as good, but he just takes an extra one each day to make up for that. The price alone makes it a worthwhile buy, especially if you order during one of Puritan's Pride promotions. Overall I would recommend this product if you are looking for a good value and a lower price. If you want a stronger probiotic, you may want to look into some other options.

Lagrange, OH


Helps with digestion and fewer yeast infections


I've always had a slow digestive system. When I was a child I remember being forced to eat salads every day, then take laxatives and liquid anti-constipation medicine all the time. To this day I still struggle with irregularity. I've tried the yogurt that's supposed to help, and all kinds of OTC laxatives but I hate the cramping I get from stimulants. Someone suggested that I try chewable acidophilus tablets, and said they'd also help prevent yeast infections. Although I don't suffer from those often, when I do they're uncomfortable, so I decided to give the chewable acidophilus tablets a try. That was two years ago, and Ive been taking them ever since. I chew two each morning, and they really have helped regulate my digestive system. Plus, the number of yeast infections I've experienced in the past two years has gone down significantly. Nothing better than killing two birds with one stone! 

North East, MD


really helps the digestive system


I, personally rather take herbal remedies, stuff to take care of any medical problems so I take acidophilu which is good for getting rid of yeast and helps cleans the digestive system. I really like it because I think it's working and I recommend it to everyone who doesn't like taking pills which do more harm than good, so try it especially women.

Kissimmee, FL


Puritan's Pride acidophilus

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