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Prescriptives Serum

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Prescriptives serum change the way my skin looks and feels


Prescriptives serum is lightweight. It doesn't clog your pores. It has a scent of a light citrus. You use it once a day before going to bed after you wash your face. How it works is at night you want to use luke warm water to wash your face then gently dry your face. Use a cotton ball for the toner then apply in a circular motion on your face then pump a small portion of the serum on your palm then take your index right finger to rub the serum on your hand and apply it on your face. Make sure you use no more than a nickel big for your serum. Then in a circular motion rub gently on your face. Keep up with the circular motion for at one minute them apply your night cream or night moisturizer. You can also apply the serum in the morning as well if you feel that is necessary but otherwise for best result use the serum before going to bed. At no time, you'll see a big difference on your skin. You'll start seeing the changes within 30 days after you start using the serum. It's the best brand serum I've ever used. I wouldn't go anywhere without it.

Santa Rosa, CA


Prescriptives Serum

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