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kiyoseki 3 in 1 Professional Styler

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the kiyoseki was a dissapointment


my daughter is from a mixed ethnic background and has extremley thick curly hair!! no matter what we have done over the years nothing has worked to keep it straight . so she was very excited when she saw this new flat iron so we ordered it. well it was a big dissapointment!!! she washed her hair, we blew dried it and used the hair product that came with the kiyoseki and then proceeded to spend the next FOUR hours trying to straighten her hair. as soon as one section cooled off it started to frizz. her hair wouldn't stay straight no matter what we did!! it was so frustrating we even tried trimming it thinking that maybe the dead ends were the problem. not so. well she decided to keep it because it does straighten her hair enough to wear in a pony tail but she has to get up earlier in the morning because she has to touch it every morning and by the time she gets home its already becoming kiked up and curly. don't waste your money, you can get the same results with one you can buy at walmart

Jensen Beach, FL


Definitely worth the money


Over the years I have tried many different flat irons. All of the ones I've tried except for one left my curly hair still somewhat curly! Until I found the Kiyoseki 3 in 1 Professional Styler I didn't think I could straighten my hair and look good. The Kiyoseki changed that. My hair gets super straight like the hair of the young girls I see out there who always seem to have awesome straight and shiny hair. I've always wanted to have straight shiny hair and now I have the straight part and am working on the shiny. :) The iron also is a curler and a volumizer in addition to a straightener. I haven't had too much luck with the curler. My hair ends up going flat in about an hour and I'm not one for voluminous hair so I haven't tried that either. But I love how it straightens my hair. What really sold me was the plates that are coated with something called tourmaline and other minerals that are supposed to help make your hair manageable. I think it does otherwise I would feel that I wasted my money. It is a little on the costly side but definitely worth it. Plus it doesn't take long for me to straighten my hair. I am done in less than half an hour. Everytime I straighten my hair my boyfriend tells me that he likes my hair and I look good. Who doesn't like hearing that?? So if you want a good flat iron and can fork out a little extra dough than go for the Kiyoseki 3 in 1 Professional Styler. I'm sure you will like it as much I do!

Kutztown, PA


kiyoseki 3 in 1 Professional Styler

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