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inStep 2007 Safari Double Jogging Stroller

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We LOVE out InStep Standard Stroller


Typically in the summer my sister comes to stay with us to watch our two little ones. However in August she goes back north to go to school. This past year I started running and when she left I was faced with a difficult decision on weather to quit running or find a way to run with my two children (10 & 24 months at the time). I decided to get this stroller and see if it would be possible. I am SO glad I did. It has really been useful. The ease in which I can push it and keep jogging is amazing. The swivel wheel is perfect for when we just use it at the park or out camping and the lockable option is perfect for when I am running. The storage space in the bottom is large enough to fit coats for all of us and a diaper bag. I had to unsnap one side at times to get it all in but it was a quick and easy fix. I also like that it has a 5pt harness. This makes me less worried about their safety when I am running. With the straps in place, even if they get antzy I know they will not be able to get out of it. The final safety feature I like is that it has a strap that attaches to the stroller and that you wear around your wrist. This helps in case the stroller gets away from you so it won't get too far :)

Evansville, WY


Useful for Parents of 2 little ones!


We purchased this when our second child was born, and our oldest was 1.  They are 16 months apart.  We didn't start using it til the baby was aboiut 6 months, but it was a great purchase.  I love that they can sit at different recline levels, and that the sun canopy is nice and big.  The drink holders is also a convenient feature.  The main thing we used it for was just general walking/jogging around our block, and it is nice that the while will lock or swivel dependng on how to use it.  We've also used it at fairs, and amusement parks/ zoos, etc. without too much difficuty.  The one place I would recommend NOT taking this stroller is the's really to wide to fit through doorways with ease, especially if you are by yourself!   The basket below is quite roomy, and though I'm sure it is NOT recommended, our oldest has climbed INTO the basket before LOL  We joke that counting the basket it could be considered a triple stroller.  All in all, we consider this a great puchase! 

Goldsboro, NC


inStep 2007 Safari Double Jogging Stroller

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