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inStep 008 Ultra Runner 2 Double Jogging Stroller

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2 thumbs up for the InSTEP Double Jogging Stroller


We love our InSTEP double jogging stroller. It's so convenient to go out and about for a nice walk. I'm able to toss my youngest in my moby wrap, and put the toddlers in the InSTEP. They have plenty of room to sit comfortably so they don't mind being in it. Other strollers are so confined that the refuse to go in them. We never have issues getting stuck in the dirt or coming to a stop because rocks are in the way. The tires are made to go "off road" which is great for us as we live in the country. There are lots of dirt roads out here. It's nice to have a product that I can actually get use out of. The one negative thing I have to say is that you can't steer like you can with a regular stroller. The wheels don't rotate. So basically, you have to go straight. When you want to turn the stroller, you have to grab a hold of the handle bar, lift, and turn in the direction you're wanting to go. You literally turn it manually. That can be a pain, but from what I can see, that's how all jogging strollers are made.

Palmyra, VA


I love my InSTEP Double Jogging Stroller


We live on a road that is very rocky and hilly and not very compatible with the typical double stroller. You know the one I'm talking about. The stroller with small wheels, plastic parts that break, and places the children one in front of the other. I have one of those and they do NOT like my road. In fact, there are many places that I get stuck at while using that stroller so that is why we switched from using a "normal" stroller to using a double jogging stroller with bike wheels and tires that go over just about any surface. I use my InSTEP jogging stroller everytime I go jogging with my little girls. It works well and I can run very fast with it without the fear of falling or the stroller getting stuck. I glides along with me as I walk, run, and jog. It is the best stroller purchase we have ever made and I would recommend this stroller above all strollers because of its versatility. You can use this stroller on grass, sand (though a little slow going), rocky terrain, pavement, and hard polished floors... so you can go just about anywhere!

Denver, PA


As practical as a double jogging stroller can get


I got this stroller 6 months ago and since then I have used and abused it.  I love running with it.  I have found some great things about it, but I have also found some downsides.  First I will focus on the features I love: I love how light it is.  It isn't heavy so if you ned to lift it to store it it isn't a problem.  It is also nice not having to push around a heavy stroller.  The wheels come off really easily.  It is simple to fold.  I love the drink holder/general stuff holder.  I can actually fit this in to my Toyota Matrix with only taking one wheel off.  My kids seem happy in it.  I love the fact that I have a brake and a crash strap for added safty.  Here are some things I don't like: The under stroller basket has a low clearance.  In fact mine has scraped bottom so much that it is falling apart.  I have a really tall 3 year old and she isn't going to be able to sit in the stroller much longer.  I wish the canopy somehow covered the morning sun a little better than it does. The strapes for the kids are not padded and seem like they could be uncomfortable.   Over all I would recommend this stroller.  I have enjoyed it and lost about 20 lbs using it, that is the best part I think. :)

Salt Lake City, UT


inStep 008 Ultra Runner 2 Double Jogging Stroller

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