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iRobot Dirt Dog Vacuum

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Love My Dirt Dog!


I LOVE my Roomba! Love it! So, when I decided that I really needed a second dedicated Roomba for the laundry and mudroom I researched the various models and decided on the iRobot Dirt Dog. It's designed perfectly for tile and linoleum and even does an amazing job with untreated concrete floors. This little guy does an amazing job with all the sand that is tracked in during the winter, as well as pine needles, leaf pieces, everything. It even gets those little bits of cardboard that tend to shed from cardboard boxes after you break them down for recycling. I especially love that this can get under my wire storage shelves with no issues. There are no dust bunnies in my storage area thanks to my Dirt Dog. This is not the best option for carpet, there are other more advanced models for that, but this does an amazing job on carpet, tile, linoleum, and concrete floors. I can't imagine ever being without it again!

Vernon Rockville, CT


iRobot Dirt Dog Vacuum

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