Baby-Proof Screens by Fisher-Price: Apptivity is Here


How young is too young to be using an iPad? The Apptivity line from Fisher Price may be introducing screen time at an earlier age than pediatricians recommend.

Conversations are buzzing about Fisher-Price’s new infant seat. It looks like your traditional bouncer and comes with the usual bar of colorful toys meant to entertain baby, plus a mirror so baby can see herself. Not enough for the next generation of babies? What if I told you that it also boasts a removable iPad case and downloadable baby apps? Like it or not, infant screen time is here.

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Self-Stirring Coffee Mug: Necessary or Ridiculous?

VIDEO: How can a mug stir itself without batteries or a stirring straw? Watch this innovative design at work. 

One of the small but significant challenges that comes with enjoying a hot drink is making sure it’s properly mixed. There’s little worse than a pool of honey stuck at the bottom of your teacup, floating bits of hot chocolate mix atop your warm milk or improperly dissolved sugar in your coffee. The problem intensifies in popular coffee shops like Starbucks. We all know those skinny popsicle sticks do nothing more than swirl everything around.

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Four-Door Refrigerators: Expensive, But Great For Big Families

VIDEO: Get a look inside this top-of-the-line four-door refrigerator from Samsung. 

Four-door refrigerators are a newer style of refrigerator on the market. You can choose either the French-door refrigerator style on top with two drawers on the bottom, or you can go with four equal-size doors that look like a rectangle that has been cut in half down the middle and then again from left to right. Both styles are great, it just depends on how you want to manage the food in the refrigerator and freezer.

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New iPhone, iPad Mini and More Apple Secrets

New iPhone speculation

Can’t wait for the new iPhone? You’re not alone. But don’t expect to get official word before mid-September. Until then, here’s the best information on what to expect.

When Apple had its quarterly conference call recently announcing its latest earnings, Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, said that the fall will be a very busy season. Historically, fall has been one of the most active seasons for Apple as it refreshes its Mac and MacBook lineup and launches the new iPhone and new iPads. MacWorld has a great story on the iPad Mini and thinks that a Retina display is a sure thing. Meantime, the Mac rumor site 9to5 Mac doesn’t think so citing developer reports on beta versions.

But most people are interested in what the new iPhone will look like. So sifting through all the rumors swirling around the blogosphere, here’s what seems to be going on. First, the iPads.

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How To Make Cappuccino At Home

make cappuccino at home

You don’t need to go to Italy to indulge in a cappuccino.

There’s something about a cappuccino that’s so indulgent and so satisfying. For me, cappuccinos are reminiscent of lazy, hazy mornings on a recent trip to Italy. And a key part of that memory is the comfort of enjoying that frothy drink in a proper cup, in the comfort of my hotel. The paper-cup versions from the coffee shop around the corner are really no comparison. That’s why I’m exploring the best way to make cappuccino at home.

Here, I’ll share two ways to capture the taste and feel of cappuccino at home: one easy, and one authentic.

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Google Play Announcement Could Bring Big Changes to Music Streaming

Google Play Music All Acess

New sign ups for Google Play Music All Access with receive one-month free to the new subscription music-streaming service

Today at Google I/O (the big annual developers conference) the Internet giant confirmed one of the hottest rumors—that it would be offering its own subscription-based music streaming service to compete with music-streaming powerhouses like Rdio, Pandora and Spotify.

And Google’s biggest fans won’t have to wait to try out the new service: Google Play Music All Access is already live.

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Save Twice When Choosing Energy Star

Save money with Energy Star

Texas is once again offering a tax break to entice residents to trade up to more energy efficient appliances this Memorial Day.

Energy conservation is in everyone’s interest, but it can also save you money.

Memorial Day has always been a great time to shop for mattresses and big appliances. And if you live Texas, once again you’ll get a break from state and local sales and use taxes if you buy certain ENERGY STAR appliances during the 3-day holiday weekend.

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Coffee Apps Help Make the Perfect Coffee

Do you have issues brewing the perfect cup of joe? We check out some smartphone apps that promise to help.

Do you have issues brewing the perfect cup of joe at home? We check out some smartphone apps that promise to help.

Tired of creating bitter coffee in your French press because you forgot if you started it 4 minutes ago or 5? Have no clue how much coffee your AeroPress needs, or how finely you should grind your beans for a gold-cone filter? Or maybe you’ve wanted to try new brew methods but are just intimidated by not knowing. Whether you’ve been brewing a French press for years, or if you’re just trying to get beyond the standard drip brew, fear not: There’s an app for that. We checked out some of the apps available for helping you brew the perfect cup-o’-joe.

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