Better Stain Removal Using Your Washing Machine


Your washing machine has the key to better stain removal. If you’re not happy with your stain removal, start using the tools of your washing machine.

When it comes to getting clothes clean, stain removal is often a separate issue and must be dealt with individually, depending on the type of stain involved. But what part – if any – does the washing machine itself play in this little stain-fighting drama?

Technically washing machines are designed to wash clothes. Removing specific stains is not necessarily in the washing machine’s job description. Still, there are some ways in which a washing machine can help with stain removal.

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iClebo Robotic Vacuum: IH+HS 2014 Preview

A new company exhibiting at the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show 2014, iClebo is a robotic vacuum company from South Korea, a mecca for innovative technologies. Bringing these innovations to the home appliance sector, iClebo is working to enter the American market with three robotic vacuums, and Viewpoints staff want to give reviewers a first look at the new products.

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Spring Cleaning: Helpful Appliances and Cleaners

Spring Cleaning starts with fresh linens. Tell us about your washing machines and earn a bonus this week from Viewpoints Rewards.

Spring Cleaning starts with fresh linens. Tell us about your washing machines and earn a bonus this week from Viewpoints Rewards.

Spring is a time for renewal and fresh starts, and spring cleaning is a vital part of the process. Cleaning out your home after months of hibernation from the cold can be stressful, but Viewpoints reviewers come to the rescue and recommend washing machines, vacuums, dishwashers, and other general household cleaners that can help make this year’s spring cleaning the easiest yet.

Editor’s note: Earn double Viewpoints Rewards points this week (through April 18) for dishwashers, washing machines, vacuums and household cleaners. Write a review here

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Best Lightweight Vacuum

Best lightweight vacuum

Vacuuming can be a huge hassle, so lightweight vacuums are a great solution to easily keeping your home clean on an everyday basis. These vacuum cleaners are easy on your back but tough on dust and dirt.


Lightweight vacuums are easy to maneuver but still effective. The catch is that lightweight vacuums are generally so light because they don’t have as many extra features or tools as other vacuums and can’t take on such heavy-duty jobs. For the best lightweight vacuum you need to consider how much weight you can handle and also be sure you aren’t sacrificing any useful vacuum features. Lightweight vacuums can still have incredible cleaning power along with convenience. We’ll share a few of our faves with you as well as how they weigh in with our reviewers.

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Sewing Terms That Make Using Your Machine Easier

Sewing terms

If you’re interested in sewing, especially if you are going to be using a machine, you might want to learn some of these sewing terms to help you along the way.

Can you point to the ‘feed dog’ on a sewing machine? Learn these sewing terms and you’ll be a smarter shopper and sew with more confidence. Viewpoints has defined the most common parts of a sewing machine.

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How To Reduce Dust In Home and Battle Dust Bunnies

how to reduce dust in home

A big concern for those with allergies is how to reduce dust in home. Dust bunnies can make allergies worse, so you want to reduce dust in home.

Dust bunnies sound cute. The problem is, they’re not. Dust bunnies are simply balls of hair and dust and dirt which have grown so large that they can roll around the home, like indoor tumbleweeds. The key to banishing dust bunnies lies in how to reduce dust in home.

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How To Deal With a Small Laundry Room

small laundry room

A small laundry room needs special considerations. A stackable washer/dryer, or an all-in-one washing machine may be the answer for a small laundry room.

When a family is dealing with a small laundry room, one way to save space is by opting for either a stackable washer/dryer or an all-in-one washing machine. Knowing the advantages one has over the other and each type’s unique drawback will help greatly in making the right choice for a small laundry room.

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What Are The Different Types Of Vacuums?

What are the different types of vacuums

Unless your needs are unusual, Viewpoints recommends the bagged upright vacuum because of its versatility and durability. We outline the pros and cons of all types.

There are all different types of vacuums: bag-less, upright, canister, handheld, the list goes on and on. So how do you choose between them? Lets take a look at all of the different choices you have, effectively answering the question, what are the different types of vacuums?

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VIDEO: Does The Shark Steam Mop Work?

Video: The Shark Steam Mop (and Steam Pocket Mop) is one of the many new steam mops on the market. Check out this infomercial to learn more about Sharks’s, and for a demonstration.

Mop technology has really taken off over the past few years. There are now dry mops that grab dust and wet mops that come complete with an attached cleaning fluid reservoir. But the hottest trend in mopping may be steam – a mop that produces a blast of hot steam in order to loosen dirt and sanitize floors. We have seen a surge in searches on our site looking for information about the Shark Steam Mop, so we decided to see just what its cleaning powers are and answer the question does the shark steam mop work?

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