Best Steam Iron

Best steam irons

Finding a good iron is key to getting the wrinkles out of your clothes without damaging them.


Steam irons are a great way to safely iron your clothes without worrying about leaving a mark – both on your clothes and your wallet. Using a steam iron would be a great alternative to dry cleaning and an easy, cost-effective way to keep your clothes looking brand new. But one false move and your clothes can get ruined. You need to carefully choose the best steam iron for your clothes and your budget.

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Cast Iron Cooking: Cheaper Le Creuset Alternatives

Cast iron cooking

Home cooks are turning to cast iron cooking, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are our picks for low-cost alternatives to Le Creuset.

For some chefs and for some everyday home cooks, nothing less than Le Creuset cookware will do for cast iron cooking. Primarily these are the people who insist on designer labels on everything they buy. There is no question that Le Creuset is excellent cookware, but aren’t there lower-priced alternatives that will do the job every bit as well, even without the designer label?

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What Is Skinny Bread?

What is skinny bread?

It’s the war of the skinny breads. Which one will come out on top? The Arnold Sandwich Thins (pictured right) or the Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thins (pictured left).


To carb or not to carb: that is the (diet) question. Most nutritionists will tell you it’s unhealthy to omit an entire food group from your diet (unless for specific medical reasons).  With more and more research revealing the negative effects of such a severe diet, it seems the low-carb craze has officially come and gone. That being said, stuffing your face with piles of pasta and whole loaves of bread isn’t the answer to staying svelte, either. So what’s a dieter to do? We take a look at one possible solution: skinny bread.

So what is skinny bread? A slimmed down version of our favorite comfort food but with carbs and calories slashed in half. The breads are pre-sliced and pre-portioned for perfect sandwiches, cut thinly so you still get the soft, hearty texture for the perfect lunchtime staple. We put two of the leading “skinny” breads on the chopping block for a head-to-head showdown. Here’s who came out on top (and bottom).

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What Is the Best Cheap Wine and Where To Buy It

What is the best cheap wine

Wine is perfect for entertaining, gifting or just enjoying with friends, but it can be a pricey investment. A more expensive bottle doesn’t necessarily mean more flavor. Check out our picks for the top 10 best budget wines under $10.


Though I enjoy more expensive wines I do also like cheaper ones. The trick is finding good ones. So what is the best cheap wine? From crisp white wines to rich reds, we’ve got the best of the best wines for any occasion. Plus, we’ll help guide you to the right places to find budget wine, whether you’re looking to try a new variety, find a housewarming gifts, or stock up for your holiday party.

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How To Find the Right Sewing Machine For Me

How to find the right sewing machine for me

Experts say you can’t find the best deals on sewing machines just by walking into a store. Viewpoints has insider tips on finding a machine to fit your needs on a budget.

How to find the right sewing machine for me isn’t as easy as just walking into your nearest store if you want to find the ideal model at a great price. We spoke to some seasoned pros and found out the secrets to getting the best value for a sewing machine.

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Are Old Sewing Machines Better?

Are old sewing machines better?

The phrase is “out with the old, and in with the new” – yet many of the experienced sewers we spoke with believe that older machines not only work better, they last longer too.

Interior designer Barbara Green of Sensibly Chic Designs for Life started sewing when she was six years old and hasn’t looked back since. While she’s been sewing for 43 years, she is only on her 4th machine – currently a Euro-Pro Sewer’s Choice. She says the Euro-Pro brand has served her well for many years. Green thinks if she still had the original Singer machine her mom gave her as a child, it would still work too. She says while machines can certainly show their age, “a lot depends on the amount of use it gets and how well it is maintained.” So are old sewing machines better than newer models? Or is it all about how well you care for your machine?

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VIDEO: Does The Shark Steam Mop Work?

Video: The Shark Steam Mop (and Steam Pocket Mop) is one of the many new steam mops on the market. Check out this infomercial to learn more about Sharks’s, and for a demonstration.

Mop technology has really taken off over the past few years. There are now dry mops that grab dust and wet mops that come complete with an attached cleaning fluid reservoir. But the hottest trend in mopping may be steam – a mop that produces a blast of hot steam in order to loosen dirt and sanitize floors. We have seen a surge in searches on our site looking for information about the Shark Steam Mop, so we decided to see just what its cleaning powers are and answer the question does the shark steam mop work?

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When “As Seen On TV” Kitchen Gadgets Are Too Good To Be True

kitchen gadgets

There are plenty of As Seen On TV kitchen gadgets to choose from, but these kitchen gadgets are big duds.

We’re not scared off by an “As Seen on TV” label. Just because something has an infomercial doesn’t mean it’s a dud. The best kitchen gadgets will speed you up in the kitchen, but these tools are a waste of time and money. Here are the As Seen on TV products to avoid when trying to make purchases to improve your kitchen, as proven by Viewpoints reviewers.

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VIDEO: Smart Motion Technology Improves Kenmore Washers

Video: We’re always eager to tell Viewpoints users about new options for washers and dryers, and Kenmore offers some intriguing advances with its new line of high-efficiency front-load washers.

The new Kenmore Washers with Smart Motion Technology have features include stain treating, ultra-large capacity and limited vibration. But what exactly is Smart Motion Technology? Well it involves moving the drum (in the washer) five different ways to help give every kind of laundry great care and cleaning. But is this all it’s cracked up to be? Or just a marketing ploy?

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DIY Projects: Spruce Up Your Kitchen In Under An Hour

Woman in Overalls Marking Straight Line on Wall

60-minute home Improvements might sound implausible, but if Rachael Ray can teach you to cook an entire dinner in just 30 minutes, I can tell you how you can make meaningful improvements to your home in just 30 minutes more.

Like Mrs. Xeno and I, if you enjoy watching programs such as Designed to Sell and Get it Sold on HGTV, you probably find it ironic that so many of us put more energy and thought into improving our homes when we decide to sell them than while we’re busy living in them.  What’s also surprising is how inexpensive and quick many of the most valuable improvement projects are. In the spirit of these shows, let’s take at a couple of kitchen DIY projects that are  simple, quick and, above all, doable by almost anyone.

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