The Best In Baby Proofing: Products That Really Work

baby proofing

Baby proofing is an important part of having a toddler crawling around the house. Use the best product to ensure your little one’s safety.

When my son was two he learned how to maneuver around our inferior baby gate, making it more of a hazard than a safety guard.

Score: Baby – 1, Parents – 0.

I soon discovered that the outlet covers we selected were no match for his little probing fingers. When I found one in his mouth, I knew we’d been defeated!

Lesson learned: Baby proofing isn’t easy. Buy what works so you can relax at home.

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Dangerous Herbs: Supplements and Herbs To Avoid

Dangerous Herbs

Herbs have long been known for their medicinal and healing properties, but some have been found to be dangerous herbs.

When I think of herbs, I instantly think of thyme, basil, garlic, ginger and all those other herbs I have stashed in my kitchen cabinet. And then there are those vitamins, herbs and minerals that have been relied upon for years to cure certain ailments.

However, with more medical research some of these old-fashioned remedies have proven to be not so good for your health. There are some herbs that are not good for you and can even be fatal. Others have been known to cause liver or kidney failure. It is important to know which herbs are good for you and which ones are not.

I thought I would highlight some of the herbs that are bad for you, or can cause potential health threats, complications and even death.

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Tide Pods Reviews: Detergent Popular Despite Risk

The Centers for Disease Control is calling detergent packet poisoning an “emerging public health risk”– a pattern noticed this spring with Tide Pods. Overall, consumers on Viewpoints like the product.


Leading physicians at the Centers for Disease Control are weighing in on the risk posed by laundry packets, which have been around since 2010 but marketed widely beginning in 2012 with the launch of the Tide Pods. This is an exerpt of the CDC statement dated October 19, 2012:

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