Is Spray Sunscreen Safe?

Is spray sunscreen safe?

After reports of injury while using spray sunscreen, many consumers are concerned about their safety and the safety of heir children while using the product. Are we at risk?

What many people have been asking as summer approaches is an important, and somewhat scary, question: Is spray sunscreen safe? A Massachusetts man was injured after applying Banana Boat sunscreen in a can. Brett Sigworth, suffered severe burns when applying a Banana Boat aerosol spray sunscreen while using a grill. Since, consumers have become concerned about the safety of spray sunscreens.

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Crib Mattress Basics: What Is a Safe Crib Mattress?

What is a safe crib mattress?

As with any baby product, safety is the No. 1 concern when selecting a crib mattress. If there is any space between the mattress and crib frame your child could get stuck, which increases their risk of physical harm.

Babies get 13,000 – 16,000 hours of sleep in their first 3 years so you should get to know your crib mattress. From birth to age three, your child will sleep an average of 12 – 15 hours a day. Getting enough sleep is a crucial step in healthy development; your child’s crib mattress will get a lot of use. But there are some safety concerns you should be aware of when it comes to crib mattresses. So, what is a safe crib mattress? Here are some things you need to look for in order to find one.

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How Do You Protect Your Identity Online?

How do you protect your identity online?

When banking or shopping online, make sure to use sites with web addresses that begin with “https://” or “shttp://”, which are secure, unlike simple “http://” sites. Here’s more from the Viewpoints internet safety guide.

Considering the rate at which our online lives are growing, web safety is more important than ever. But how do you protect your identity online? Previously, all we had to worry about was having a solid email password, but now we have to keep a closer eye on everything from apps to gaming devices. Identity theft is a serious crime. June is National Internet Safety Month, so Viewpoints created an internet safety guide with the best ways to protect yourself as you continue exploring the digital universe.

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What Is The Best Baby Gate?

What is the best baby gate

Your baby is approaching their toddler phase fast, and in order to keep them safe you might want to start looking into some equipment to keep them safe. But what is the best baby gate on the market to do that?


Your baby is growing up fast and soon they’ll be running around the house. In order to ensure that they’ll be free to play and explore in a safe and secured area, it’s a good idea to use a baby gate. But what is the best baby gate out there?  Well, whether you’re looking for a baby gate for your stairs or a divider for your living room, we have the top choices for the best baby gates.

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As Seen on TV: Seat Pets! Kids Just Got More Comfortable On Car Rides

VIDEO: Seat Pets are one As Seen on TV product that lives up to the hype. The Seat Pets stuffed animal will keep your kids happy and safe in the car. 

Are your kids commuting for long hours in the car? Planning a Spring Break road trip? Meet As Seen on TV’s most sought after Seat Pet. It’s a stuffed animal pillow that covers the seat belt and helps put an end to uncomfortable neck positions that all kids are prone to while sleeping in the back seat.

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What Is The Safest Baby Swing?

safest baby swings

Looking for a baby swing to entertain and free up some of your time? Don’t forget to make sure it is as safe as possible for your child.

Every new parent knows that five minutes of free time is equivalent to a mini vacation. To add precious free time to your schedule, consider buying a baby swing; as the baby swing does its job, you can either relax or catch up on your long to do list. If you are looking for the safest baby swings, there are several things to look for to ensure that your new purchase is safe and reliable.

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What To Do For a Car Seat Recall

car seat recall

Safety is number one when it comes to your kids, so what do you need to do to stay safe when there’s a car seat recall?

Is your baby’s car seat being recalled?

When baby is on the way we search and search for the best car seat trusting it will keep our precious cargo safe while on the road. What happens though when the brand you trusted with the safety of your infant suddenly announces a car seat recall? Just last week one of the most trusted car seat manufacturers, Graco, issued a huge recall of 3.8 million car seats due to a faulty buckle.

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Replace All Your Household Cleaners With Method Products

Natural cleaners

Green is the new black. With the wave of environmental awareness, Earth-conscious consumers are changing the way they live in hopes of leaving a smaller carbon footprint. But what about when they’re cleaning the “footprints” left in their home?

The majority of common household cleaning products are not only bad for the environment, but can also be harmful to you and your family’s health. We did the dirty work and found a line of natural cleaning products that promise a safe clean. Check it out.

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Non-Stick Cookware Dangers: Is Your Cookware Causing Cancer?


The safety of nonstick cookware has been called into question recently with concerns it might be causing illness. Are we really at risk? Image courtesy flickr user: idovermani

Some experts have started to ask, “Could our cookware be slowly killing us?” It’s a highly debated issue and one that causes a lot of confusion. You may think that making home cooked meals is the best way to keep your family healthy, but those sautéed veggies and home cooked noodles may be more dangerous than you think if you are making your meals in non-stick cookware.

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Makeup Expiration Dates


Can your mineral foundation go bad? Pay attention to makeup expiration dates, and find out when you should toss your makeup out.

Are you a makeup junkie? Or maybe you’re a minimalist who rarely wears makeup but has it on hand for special occasions. Wherever you fit in the cosmetics lovers chain, you need to know that makeup, even left unopened, goes bad, harbors bacteria and can cause infections and breakouts if it isn’t used within a certain time frame. Didn’t know that there’s such a thing as makeup expiration dates? Don’t worry…we’re going to tell you all about it.

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