Music Producer: What To Look For In Headphones


Danny Peck is a producer who knows his headphones. As a music enthusiast and audiophile, amazing sound quality is a must. He shares tips on frequency, headphone styles and which brand he believes is over-rated.

As a producer, quality headphones are important. Clarity of sound across the entire sound spectrum is vital. Some headphones have a better frequency range than others. Some headphones are weighted toward lower frequency ranges, so as a result, they might have much more of a heavy, bass-rich sound as opposed to another set of headphones that might sound really tinny. The difference between an okay pair of headphones and a great pair of headphones is a balanced support of the entire frequency of audible sound.

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Able Planet Noise Canceling Headphones Reviews: Easy Fit and Great Sound

Able Planet Noise Canceling Headphones reviews

Headphone-maker Able Planet provided Viewpoints with its Clear Harmony Model SI1150 to try out. Who better to test than a veteran broadcaster with a teenager in the house?

It was the mid-90s, and I just got a pair of high fidelity headphones that went into your ear. Priced at more than $300 at the time, they allowed me to hear music like never before.  A singer’s mouth noise between words, the sound of a brush against a drumhead, the individual notes of a guitar solo.  It was a clarity I hadn’t heard before. But as you’ll see with Able Planet noise canceling headphones reviews, this product is even better at a much lower price.

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Worst Online Colleges

worst online colleges

Getting an online degree can be more convenient than an in-person one, especially for those who have full time jobs or families to take care of. But you’ll want to watch out for these worst online colleges.


Any bachelor’s degree is valuable, even if obtained from a lesser-known educational institution. The Information Age has ushered in several new means for obtaining a degree from educational institutions once unheard of and/or not in existence. The online method is one of the newest and one that is growing in popularity. This method is very different from attending a traditional university and it has its share of pros and cons, but what seems to matter most is one’s choice of an online school. Let’s take a look at some of the worst online colleges according to our reviewers.

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How Do You Protect Your Identity Online?

How do you protect your identity online?

When banking or shopping online, make sure to use sites with web addresses that begin with “https://” or “shttp://”, which are secure, unlike simple “http://” sites. Here’s more from the Viewpoints internet safety guide.

Considering the rate at which our online lives are growing, web safety is more important than ever. But how do you protect your identity online? Previously, all we had to worry about was having a solid email password, but now we have to keep a closer eye on everything from apps to gaming devices. Identity theft is a serious crime. June is National Internet Safety Month, so Viewpoints created an internet safety guide with the best ways to protect yourself as you continue exploring the digital universe.

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Is MobiGo Or Leapster Better?

Learning Toys

Board games and books are a thing of the past for many kids these days. They want educational tech toys with fun apps and games. We looked at top brands VTech and Leapfrog to find out which handheld device is the better pick.

While reading books in a circle waiting for preschool to begin, one mom, to appease her frustrated son, handed him her iPhone. I see this all the time. Like moths to a flame, all six 4-year-olds dropped their books and gathered round to see the shiny black box of flying angry birds. It was just last year that I got my first handheld, and now we’re talking tech gadgets for our computer-savvy youngsters? Whether or not you’re happy with technology’s grasp on our young children, it’s happening. Which brings up the question of which system is worth the buy. MobiGo and Leapster are the two most popular brands, but is MobiGo or Leapster better?

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Nokia Lumia 900 Reviews: This Buy Is A Smart Buy


There is no doubt that the Nokia Lumia 900 is a smash hit, but will Microsoft muck it up for the next smartphone Nokia releases?

When the Lumia 900 was released in April of 2012 no one really knew if it was going to be a hit or a miss. Nokia used to be a top player in the phones business, there is no doubt about that, but it kind of dropped off the radar after a while. But the Lumia’s success might be a signal for the beginning of more great products from Nokia.

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Headphones For Exercise: Perfect Fit Is Key


There’s nothing worse than trying to exercise when your headphones just won’t stay put. Viewpoints asks the pros for advice, and we share our ultimate workout headphone recommendation.

Take a jog to your nearest running path or track in your gym, and it’s hard to find a naked ear in sight. We love exercising with our headphones, whether it helps drown out the terrible gym tunes or provides a soundtrack to our outdoor workout. So what makes for the best of the best for headphones for exercise?

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February Is The Best Time To Buy A New TV


Looking to upgrade your TV? February might be the perfect time to buy.

What is the best time to buy a new TV? Well, it might just be this month. February is a great month for consumers to take advantage of deep discounts on a variety of products. There are several major shopping events that impact product price reductions, making it a prime time to save money on many items we’ve all been waiting on for the best bargains of the year.

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Why Do I Have Poor Cell Phone Reception?


Drop calls frequently? Live in a dead zone? Never able to get more than two bars at work? You aren’t alone, and unfortunately there is no fix to the problem in sight.

“Can you hear me now?” It’s a clever Verizon Wireless commercial, but these are also words we hear much too often. Bad cell reception is frustrating, especially when we pay so much for service in the first place. So why do I have poor cell phone reception despite the fact my provider claims to have great coverage in my area? I live in a city, surrounded by towers but unfortunately our experts say it isn’t getting any better for a while.

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GPS Buying Guide: How To Choose a GPS Device


In the market for a GPS unit? They can be expensive so you want to make sure you buy one that’s best for your needs.

Looking to buy a GPS system but not sure how to choose a GPS device? First, you should narrow down the type of GPS system you are looking to buy. What is the unit’s intended purpose: car navigation, hiking, fishing, biking, etc.? Then, do your research. The features you will need will vary greatly by the purpose. Use this GPS guide to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

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