Is Spray Sunscreen Safe?

Is spray sunscreen safe?

After reports of injury while using spray sunscreen, many consumers are concerned about their safety and the safety of heir children while using the product. Are we at risk?

What many people have been asking as summer approaches is an important, and somewhat scary, question: Is spray sunscreen safe? A Massachusetts man was injured after applying Banana Boat sunscreen in a can. Brett Sigworth, suffered severe burns when applying a Banana Boat aerosol spray sunscreen while using a grill. Since, consumers have become concerned about the safety of spray sunscreens.

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Teething Remedies: Best Teething Toys And Teething Rings

Teething remedies

The first smile with one little tooth is a long awaited milestone in your baby’s life, but before that smile there can be a many tears due to the painful swelling of gums during the teething process.


There are many teething remedies out there, but most parents reach for a teether before they reach for the medicine. This is normal, and can be a great solution, but what are the best teething rings and teething toys to bring your little one the comfort they need?

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Crib Mattress Basics: What Is a Safe Crib Mattress?

What is a safe crib mattress?

As with any baby product, safety is the No. 1 concern when selecting a crib mattress. If there is any space between the mattress and crib frame your child could get stuck, which increases their risk of physical harm.

Babies get 13,000 – 16,000 hours of sleep in their first 3 years so you should get to know your crib mattress. From birth to age three, your child will sleep an average of 12 – 15 hours a day. Getting enough sleep is a crucial step in healthy development; your child’s crib mattress will get a lot of use. But there are some safety concerns you should be aware of when it comes to crib mattresses. So, what is a safe crib mattress? Here are some things you need to look for in order to find one.

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What Is The Best Baby Gate?

What is the best baby gate

Your baby is approaching their toddler phase fast, and in order to keep them safe you might want to start looking into some equipment to keep them safe. But what is the best baby gate on the market to do that?


Your baby is growing up fast and soon they’ll be running around the house. In order to ensure that they’ll be free to play and explore in a safe and secured area, it’s a good idea to use a baby gate. But what is the best baby gate out there?  Well, whether you’re looking for a baby gate for your stairs or a divider for your living room, we have the top choices for the best baby gates.

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The Most Ridiculously Expensive Baby Items

Dior Baby Shoes

There are some ridiculously expensive baby items out there. Some spoil the baby, others are just spoiling mommy. Either way, if you are attracted to these items but don’t have the money to spend, we have some alternatives for you.

Of course parents want to spoil their precious bundle of joy, but would you spend hundreds of dollars on a onesie or a diaper bag? Get a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous (and their spoiled offspring) by checking out the most ridiculously expensive baby items out there. And don’t forget to take a look at their more reasonably priced alternatives.

Baby Dior Knit Tulle-Skirt Dress – $698

Baby Dresses

Pictured left is the Carter’s summer dress alternative to Dior (right).

Dior, a French high-fashion company, not only has a line of apparel and handbags for adults, they also make designer clothes for babies and kids. Only the best fabrics are used in the Baby Dior line; this baby pink dress for example is made of silk, cotton and cashmere. Your little girl will be the most expensively dressed belle at the ball… too bad she’ll only have a couple of months to wear this pretty dress before she grows out of it!

Alternative: Carter’s Rose Collection Summer Dress - $32

For a more affordable clothing line, Carter’s has a great selection for boys and girls. Although they don’t use lavish fabrics like Dior, you’ll get your money’s worth out of the clothes. Plus, you’ll have extra money to buy matching tights, shoes, sweater, hair bow and a lot more!

Kid Kustoms The Roddler – $3,500


The BOB Revolution (pictured right) is the affordable alternative to the Roddler (pictured left).

Want the most stylish and expensive stroller available? Check out The Roddler by Kid Kustoms. Each stroller is hand-built and made of quality materials like high grade leatherette upholstery, ultrasuede and chrome. The chassis, seat and fender are also customizable, ensuring that Mrs. Copy-cat down the street won’t be stealing any of your thunder. It also transforms into a trike, so when your kid outgrows a stroller, they’ll have something else to ride around on.

Alternative: BOB Revolution Stroller - $389

The BOB Revolution Stroller to an extent is customizable; you can choose the color and pick different accessories to go with the stroller. It’s also a Viewpoints favorite for jogging strollers because of its three wheel design and state-of-the-art suspension.

Britax Advocate 70 CS – $369.99

Car Seats

The Evenflo Triumph (left) is highly rated and considerably cheaper than the Britax (right).

Britax is well known for its car seats, but it’s also known for their hefty price tags. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it makes one of the most expensive car seats. The Britax Advocate 70 CS boasts 19 features that make this car seat superior to others including side impact cushion technology, the Harness Ultra Guard System, an easy to remove cover, the Click & Safe snug harness indicator and more.

Alternative: Evenflo Triumph Advance LX - $135

Considered one of the best toddler car seat by Viewpoints parents, the Evenflo Triumph Advance LX car seat is much more affordable. What’s also great about this car seat is that it’s convertible and has all the features you’ll need in a car seat like EPP Energy Absorbing foam liner, a 5-point harness and meeting side impact standards.

Burberry Quilted Check Tote Bag – $1,095

Baby bags

The Vera Bradley baby bag (left) is nearly $900 cheaper than the Burberry one (right).

This iconic London fashion house created a luxurious quilted diaper bag. The Burberry Quilted Check Tote definitely doesn’t look like an ordinary diaper bag. Made of super soft lambskin, this diaper bag has a large interior for diapers and clothing, a small zip pocket for your keys and wallet and two patch pockets for baby bottles.

Alternative: Vera Bradley Baby Bag - $97

Although some might say that the $97 price tag is still high, the Vera Bradley Baby Bag is worth the splurge. This diaper bag comes in a variety of patterns (some that are on sale for $65), has 11 pockets inside and out, a special clip for pacifiers, a lined interior for easy cleaning and also includes a matching terry-covered changing pad.

Bottom line

If you’re lucky enough to bag yourself a Bill Gates, win the lotto, or become Donald Trump’s next Apprentice, you might want to remember these ridiculously expensive baby item. Not so lucky? The reasonably priced baby items work just as well as the expensive ones.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Goods and written by Viewpoints reviewer michelemk.

Is MobiGo Or Leapster Better?

Learning Toys

Board games and books are a thing of the past for many kids these days. They want educational tech toys with fun apps and games. We looked at top brands VTech and Leapfrog to find out which handheld device is the better pick.

While reading books in a circle waiting for preschool to begin, one mom, to appease her frustrated son, handed him her iPhone. I see this all the time. Like moths to a flame, all six 4-year-olds dropped their books and gathered round to see the shiny black box of flying angry birds. It was just last year that I got my first handheld, and now we’re talking tech gadgets for our computer-savvy youngsters? Whether or not you’re happy with technology’s grasp on our young children, it’s happening. Which brings up the question of which system is worth the buy. MobiGo and Leapster are the two most popular brands, but is MobiGo or Leapster better?

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As Seen on TV Toys: Boredom Busters

As Seen On TV Toys may be just the ticket to break out of a boredom rut. As Seen on TV toys for all ages.

As Seen On TV Toys may be just the ticket to break out of a boredom rut. As Seen on TV toys for all ages.

Sticking around for Spring Break this year? We’ve checked out some great As Seen on TV toys that will keep your kids entertained, no matter what the weather is outside. Sure, it’s nice to have some down time with no alarm clocks and homework checks, but when the moping starts, pull out these boredom busters and they’ll be occupied for hours.

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As Seen on TV: Seat Pets! Kids Just Got More Comfortable On Car Rides

VIDEO: Seat Pets are one As Seen on TV product that lives up to the hype. The Seat Pets stuffed animal will keep your kids happy and safe in the car. 

Are your kids commuting for long hours in the car? Planning a Spring Break road trip? Meet As Seen on TV’s most sought after Seat Pet. It’s a stuffed animal pillow that covers the seat belt and helps put an end to uncomfortable neck positions that all kids are prone to while sleeping in the back seat.

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What Is The Safest Baby Swing?

safest baby swings

Looking for a baby swing to entertain and free up some of your time? Don’t forget to make sure it is as safe as possible for your child.

Every new parent knows that five minutes of free time is equivalent to a mini vacation. To add precious free time to your schedule, consider buying a baby swing; as the baby swing does its job, you can either relax or catch up on your long to do list. If you are looking for the safest baby swings, there are several things to look for to ensure that your new purchase is safe and reliable.

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Best Diapers Under $25


Diapers are one of the many things that add up quickly when you have a baby. But there are a few kinds that will save you money.

Diapers can quickly become costly since you have to change your baby several times a day, and they end up wearing diapers until they are toddlers. For parents who are budget conscious, being able to buy diapers for cheap may help your wallet, but are you getting what you pay for? Let us help you find the best diapers under $25, whether you’re looking for disposable or cloth diapers.

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